Maxo Kream And Tyler, The Creator Going Big

This past Tuesday, Houston based rapper Maxo Kream came together with Tyler The Creator for a single. The song “Big Persona” is the third single released this year and he is coming to flex.

Just like the song suggests, it’s all about both Maxo and Ty’s big personas. The grimey and off-the-cuff instrumental gives off an unapologetic sense of attitude. It works perfectly for both the styles of Kream and his counterpart. 

Tyler The Creator has his aggressive and slightly off-putting signature rap style. Meanwhile Maxo Kream seems to have a bit more of a smooth conventional flow. “Big Persona” is reminiscent of an Odd Future Tyler song, but with better production and direction.

Even though this is a collaboration we would’ve never seen coming, the two seem to mix pretty well. They even have some good on-camera chemistry for the music video as well.

Maxo Kream and Tyler, The Creator

This may not be the best work for either, but they are definitely hitting full stride, as the track sounds pretty solid. There is no huge meaning to the song, but it mirrors a similar approach to Tyler’s most recent album CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Tyler’s album was basically him bragging on his accomplishments.

Lyrics like “Big dreamin, big business, big risk, big winning, big livin, it’s whatever” are there to show off the fruits of their success. Tyler and Maxo Kream are done being humble about their talents and they are showing it here.

Maxo Kream’s Persona Is Getting Bigger

Get ready for a whole lot more storytelling from Maxo Kream as he has an album currently in the works. With events like the death of his brother and the pandemic, Maxo has plenty to get off his chest. With the singles like “Shiesty,” “Local Joker,” and now this, expect Maxo to show out on this project.

Right now, Maxo Kream is scheduled to perform at the Pitchfork Music festival this Friday. He will also make appearances at both Rolling Loud festivals in New York and California.

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