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Loosemble Debuts with Self-Titled Album

Loosemble has debuted with their highly anticipated self-titled mini album. Out since September 15, the album is by a five-member K-pop group consisting of girls from the previous group Loona.

Loosemble’s Redebut Album Review

Loosemble has debuted and the girls are back better than ever. The songs on this mini-album have an ethereal vibe to them that resembles the music they put out when they were Loona. Each member has equal line distributions in all of the tracks, which was the missing piece of the previous group. Eight tracks make up this project and there isn’t one skip to it, including an English version of “Sensitive.”

“Strawberry soda” is the highlight of this album as their previous member, Yves, created this song as a gift for them. A rhythmic beat throughout the song radiates good energy. The chorus includes an addictive hook. This song is a story of a refreshing feeling that relates to their real lives. The group sounds energized and happy to be away from their previous company where they were mistreated. Redebuting is not an easy task, but the girls make it look effortless on this track.

In the music video for “Sensitive,” Loosemble appeared to be free and refreshed. After a long legal battle, they made a triumphant comeback.

“Colouring” encompasses a calming vibe with superior vocals. The ad-libs on this song are very impressive, and the layering of the vocals really makes this song whole. ViVi and Yeojin wrote the lyrics for this song, which was unheard of in their previous group. The members being able to write on this project made it more personal. “Colouring” describes a dark feeling that has passed as they have an awakening to the bright future. It also demonstrates their appreciation to the fans. With the support of the fans, they were able to get through their most difficult times.

Overview of the Redebut Album

'Loosemble' cover art
Courtesy of CTDENM

This album was a spectacular debut and, as a Yeojin fan, I was thrilled with her lines. In Loona, Yeojin had a limited presence on songs. Everyone having equal lines was the cherry on top of this release. Orbits (Loona fans) were waiting eagerly for the members to make their return; they did not disappoint.

Loona’s Downfall

Loona, the 12-member group, disbanded after winning their lawsuits to terminate their contracts against Blockberry Creative. This record company didn’t pay the members and created contracts with Universal Japan without their consent. When Chuu left the group, it was the catalyst. Blockberry Creative accused her of using violent words and misuse of power. Orbits did not believe the allegations and believed it was a response to her trying to terminate the contract. When Chuu left, nine group members filed for an injunction to terminate their contracts and only four girls succeeded. Members of the group who were unsuccessful with their lawsuits appealed the claims and ultimately won in late 2023. Chuu and Yves went solo while Haseul joined the four girls who originally signed with MODHAUS. The remainder of the group signed with CTDENM.

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