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FIFTY FIFTY Drop Their New Mini Album “The Beginning”

Viral sensation FIFTY FIFTY have just dropped their newest mini album, 'The Beginning.'

Documenting The Beginning

Kpop girl group FIFTY FIFTY has just released their latest mini album, The Beginning. The Beginning is the girls’ second big release. It follows after their debut EP, THE FIFTY, from 2022.

While, officially, this release is promoted as a mini album, it exists more like a compilation album. The Beginning includes TikTok hit “Cupid – Twin Ver.,” as well as “Cupid” and “Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version” by sped up 8282. The mini album also has a “Cupid – Twin Ver.” that features Sabrina Carpenter.

Additionally, it contains all four of the songs from THE FIFTY. It also has live studio versions of the songs “Cupid – Twin Ver.,” “Lovin’ Me,” and “Tell Me.” The only song The Beginning doesn’t seem to include from the group’s discography is “Barbie Dreams (feat. Kaliii)” from Barbie The Album.

The Beginning does not seem to give any brand-new tracks for fans. However, it instead acts as a kind of documentation of FIFTY FIFTY’s music so far.


Something unusual that fans have surely noticed about this release is the lack of promotions. There were little-to-no pre-release or post-release promotions from the group. This is likely due to the legal battle between FIFTY FIFTY and their label, ATTRAKT. This battle has been going on for quite some time.

According to Inaas Fatima Khan at Pinkvilla, ATTRAKT CEO Jun Hong Joon commented on the strange release. “This is a repackaged version for the US market. This version was planned in May, and an agreement was made with Warner Music Korea in early July. I delivered approximately 156,000 copies to the United States for distribution in early August, and this is the compilation album that has been made available on domestic music streaming services today.”

Furthermore, Khan reports that, “On August 28, it was confirmed that the K-pop girl group had lost the legal fight against their agency ATTRAKT. They applied for the injunction of their exclusive contract with their management company. The court judge dismissed FIFTY FIFTY’s case due to a lack of proof and evidence against the agency.” Despite this, “FIFTY FIFTY decided to appeal against the results and pursue the cancellation of the exclusive contract.”

Fans are sure to stand by the Kpop girl group as they fight for the cancellation of their contract. Stay tuned in with Music Daily for more updates.

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