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Boygenius Released New EP “The Rest”

Boygenius released their latest EP, The Rest. It is the follow-up to their debut album, The Record.

The band (a supergroup comprised of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers) is on a roll. Chart-wise and concert-wise, they are all anyone is talking about in the music industry. And for good reason. They released one of the best albums of this year and now released one of the best EPs. Their songs are heartfelt but commanding, their fans are frenetic but respectful, and their shows are chaotic but concise. Boygenius (and the hype surrounding them) are a much-needed refresh in the world of indie rock.

Watch the official music video for the band’s song “Cool About It” off The Rest below. It is an animation directed by Lauren Tsai.

In an interview for, Boygenius discussed the making of the new EP. You can read a brief excerpt of it below.

Boygenius in Interview

You’ve mentioned that much of the writing for boygenius takes place separately, but the songs are finished together. How did writing the record compare to the first EP?

Bridgers: The main way is that we talk about each other now. We were just writing, trying to help each other with songs that already existed or little ideas that already existed. Now we have so much context for each other that the record starts eating its own tail and becomes about making the record, which is cool.

Baker: There’s an ease of communication that maybe wasn’t quite available when we were first working together, where each of us brought a verse that then got gently edited. A lot of the record is an exquisite corpse of working out line by line with each other. Then there are huge swaths that are just s— [Phoebe] wrote or just s— that Lucy wrote, but it’s nice to feel an entitlement to something that’s being created corporately instead of pieced [together].

Dacus: It’s never been difficult [communicating], so it’s not like it even had the chance to get easier. We do a lot of work to avoid difficulty. We do group therapy together and try to foresee what our pitfalls could be and avoid them. Not like it’s all easy. We’ll encounter really difficult math problems — [that’s] what it feels like in the studio where none of us will get it and we’ll be frustrated but it’s not at each other.

The Band’s Last Gig

The band is currently on tour. However, October is their final month of touring. Halloween night marks their final performance and their first gig since their sold-out Madison Square Garden show. Said show is one for the books, and evidence is all over music news sites, as well as TikTok. Without a doubt, this one last hurrah is going to be an emotional and powerful ending to a widely loved and lauded tour.

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