Lizzo and Cardi B Team Up for Another banger on ‘Rumors’

Lizzo and Cardi B team up for another banger on “Rumors”

Not many artists put as much personality into their music as Lizzo and Cardi B do.  On the ‘Juice’ artist’s new track “Rumors,” the duo did not let us down by delivering that personality we love. The debut single for Lizzo’s new era playfully talks about the rumors that the artist has received since blowing up in 2019 by, simply, confirming all of them. “Give ‘em something to talk about,” the singer says.  After all, when you have the excitability that Lizzo and Cardi B do, why not indulge the press?

An exciting mix of classic and new Lizzo

A production mashup of brassy saxophones and sonic bass is a great way for Lizzo to transition into her next creative endeavor. The production on the track has the bright jazz sounds that have become quintessential in her songs.  Also, you can hear a new, darker, funky sound from this artist. Along with the song’s fresh sound, the perfectly nuanced vocalization of Lizzo and a lyrically flawless verse by Cardi B make up the perfect concoction for a song that could easily climb to the top of the charts.

The duo have a big year ahead

For Cardi, this year has already been full of features from a lot of big names. First, with internet-breaking, ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion, and more recently on ‘Wild Side’ with Normani. The anticipation for whatever Cardi has next is only building after this release. As for Lizzo, we can only expect something remarkable after the year she had with 2019’s ‘Cuz Lizzo and Cardi B Rumors single coverI Love You’. The Grammy award-winning album was filled with Lizzo-banger after Lizzo-banger. While soaking up the success she had with her last album will she come up with a way to stay authentic to her style and show us ways to keep music exciting and new? Well, after hearing this track I would say that rumor is true.

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