Lil Nas X Surprises on MONTERO Album

On September 17th, Lil Nas X released his long-awaited debut album, MONTERO. This album is a collection of diverse pop-rap tracks that celebrate the singularity of Lil Nas X; the star is unparalleled anywhere in the music industry.

“MONTERO” is the Perfect Introduction

The album’s namesake and opening single, “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” is the perfect introduction to such a varied album. Sultry lyrics and an addictive beat are sure to captivate any audience. “MONTERO,” though it gained infamy for its music video, is a song about acceptance of your truths.

Lil Nas X Raps on “DEAD RIGHT NOW”

“DEAD RIGHT NOW” is the second track on MONTERO. In it, Lil Nas X demonstrates his rapping chops, and it’s truly quite impressive. The Georgia native has no problem switching flows or crossing into the hip-hop genre. We know Lil Nas X is no stranger to pushing boundaries, and this song is just one example.

Feeling Invincible on “SCOOP”

One of the album’s most celebrated collaborations is “SCOOP” featuring Doja Cat. The pairing has us feeling invincible, as they sing of confidence and independence. The pop-rap track includes some synth tones and percussion, and it’s one of the most entertaining songs on MONTERO.  

Meg Pops Off on “DOLLA SIGN SLIME”

Two assured icons, Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion absolutely kill it on “DOLLA SIGN SLIME.” The alluring track features more of Lil Nas X’s varied flows, as well as Meg’s hot girl rapping. Of all the songs on MONTERO, “DOLLA SIGN SLIME” may have me the most hype.

LGBTQ Icons Collaborate for “AM I DREAMING”

Perhaps the most iconic collaboration on MONTERO is “AM I DREAMING” featuring Miley Cyrus. The two artists are no strangers to criticism, especially of their sexualities. “AM I DREAMING” is perhaps the most vulnerable, raw song on the album. Miley and Lil Nas X softly croon over stripped guitar, “Never forget me / And everything I’ve done.” As the music fades out on the last song on the album, we realize just how much the musical landscape has changed because of them.

MONTERO is surely a contender for Album of the Year, as each song is more surprising than the next. Emotional lyrics combined with pop-rap bangers make for an unforgettable debut album. Lil Nas  deserves all the credit for his comedic marketing and promotion, as well as the artistry of MONTERO itself. The album has already reached #1 on iTunes. 

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