Miley Cyrus Hops On The Kid Laroi’s Hit “Without You”

Alternative hip-hop hit, “Without You,” now has a guest feature. surprisingly, but thankfully, it’s Miley Cyrus. And if we know Miley, we know that she can elevate any song and mold her voice to fit any genre.


The BFF Remix of “Without You”

“Without You” is not The Kid Laroi’s first big hit, nor is this remix his first collaboration. He has gone multi-platinum on a variety of singles and has worked with Juice WRLD and blackbear in the past. The young star is no longer up-and-coming. He’s up, knee deep in the music industry, and here to stay. 


The song that solidified his place, though, was “Without You.” It dropped originally as a solo track in December 2020. Only five months later, though, it is a chart-topper and massive radio hit.  Therefore, he was granted the opportunity to have a guest on another version of it. That guest is none other than Miley Cyrus. The urban take on pop punk music is electric to listen to and ridiculously catchy. Cyrus has dabbled in all of these genres and was able to bring a new level to this already well-established hit.


Both versions of “Without You” depict the passion within a love-hate relationship. The Kid Laroi brings grit and angst to the cleverly written song. Miley Cyrus, on the other hand, brings a more harmonious and feminine perspective to the relationship being sung about. There are still traces of hip-hop and a slick flow from The Kid Laroi, but there is also a pop bounce that Cyrus brings to the table. 


The back and forth between each artist is quite entertaining and brings an element of friendship to this song. The Kid Laroi and Miley Cyrus come across as real friends in this hard-hitting, anthemic remix. 


Having Fun, Making Music, Becoming Pals

A brand new music video that companies this remix of without you is just as fun as the song itself. As friends, collaborators, and stars of this video, The Kid Laroi and Miley Cryus are entertaining. They cuddle, sing, dance, sit on top of trucks, and get close with mushrooms. This is the exact music video two best friends would make late at night just for the hell of it.


Together, this remix marks a collaboration for the ages. Nobody would pair the two artists together, regardless of their respective genres. Cyrus is in her late twenties and Laroi is only in his teens. Their fun-loving personalities, respective careers, and whimsical take on a destructive relationship play out melodically through this alternative song, though. We have to love it.


Having fun together is what sparked this collaboration in the first place. The idea of the remix between these two coming about started online. TikTok, more specifically. The Kid Laroi is only 17-years-old. Thanks to TikTok and his platform on the app, he was able to get this song out in the world. As a single, both for the soloist and with the raspy-toned Cyrus, it’s taking the world by storm. Both versions are garnering millions of streams online and just the pair teasing the collab blew up TikTok. 


Both musicians have a strong social media following, so hints at their collaboration got everyone talking. The pair teased the new remix with a slew of funny, clever, on-trend videos. A similar sense of humor on top of a similar approach to making music allows this surprising duo to work well together.


This melodic take on “Without You” has an element of newfound friendship that is helping it skyrocket. Within 12 hours of the video premiere, it has half a million views on YouTube alone. Therefore, proving that unexpected, but oh-so fun collaborations are something everyone can love.

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