Kehlani and T-Pain Collab On “Buy You A Drank Part 2”

Kehlani and T-Pain’s “I Like Dat” is a timeless sequel to a not-so-timeless early 2000s hit.


Dream Collaboration

Both Kehlani and T-Pain are global sensations, but especially on the R&B side of music. When it comes to creating fresh R&B sounds with a lot of personality, these are the artists you look to. Having them come together for a unique take on a classic T-Pain hit is thrilling. In 2021, all the world needs is a nostalgic, but modernized look at the joy of pre-pandemic relationships. 


In 2007, T-Pain released “Buy U a Drank,” one of his biggest songs. The track is known for its effortless blend of hip-hop and soul. Rightfully so, it marked T-Pain’s first No. 1 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Charts upon its release as a single. Three months later, it hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 Charts. T-Pain saw immense success from this track, so celebrating its anniversary with a remix just makes sense. 


woke up out my sleep to say i really have a song wit t pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! […] what is my life!!!!!!!!!!” Kehlani wrote on Twitter just days before the song’s release. 


Clearly, Kehlani is one of T-Pain’s biggest fans. The star is also just as soulful, if not more so. The R&B performer is known for her sassy lyricism, bold personality, and heartwarming vulnerability. As a singer-songwriter, Kehlani is on another level. She is sought after by producers, songwriters, singers, directors, and musicians alike for her sweet tone voice and honest perspective on the industry.


Kehlani has been one of the best to work with, real talk. She did her thing on this track and made it what it is.” T-Pain explained in a statement for “I Like Dat.”


The beautiful performer helps herself to creative control, even when she’s just a featured artist. No matter what she does or what project she embarks on, it’s sure to be a banger. The remix to “Buy U A Drank” is titled “I Like Dat” and it’s out now! As expected, it let’s Kehlani do her thing: make someone else’s song shine brighter than thought possible. 


Did Kehlani and T-Pain Make The Song Of The Summer?

T-Pain’s “Buy U A Drank” was one of the biggest songs of the summer in 2007. It’s remix, featuring Kehlani, might be the same for 2021. This new single, the sequel to the R&B hit, is “I Like Dat.” On it, T-Pain samples his own song, but allows it to revolve around Kehlani’s story this time. 

The original song talks about a relationship starting on a nightclub dance floor or within the nightlife bar scenes. T-Pain talks about buying someone a drink – and the rest is history. Well, not so much, as 14 years later, Kehlani is getting to write her own narrative about the nightclub incident. The feminine, female perspective of this storyline is soul-stirring and entertaining. It adds depth to this song that might have just been a fun, urban single. Really, though, it’s a storyteller’s song, a feminist anthem, and a banger of a single. 

T-Pain wants to buy Kehlani a drink, but he realizes he doesn’t have to. As he sings in the song, she’s her own person and she has her own money in the bank. Owning up to her independence as a female and a potential partner is wonderfully relevant and modernizes the 2007 hit. 

Girl power is more than a mindset, it’s about equality and acceptance. T-Pain gets it and Kehlani sings about it. They are a dream team. This might just be the summer of girl power and the summer of R&B if this Kehlani and T-Pain collab takes over radio like we expect it to.

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