Katy Perry Hints at New Album Soon

Global pop star Katy Perry revealed that she has been working on new music, and a new album might be coming soon.

It’s Been Two Years Since Katy’s Last Album

While being on The Drew Barrymore Show earlier this month, Katy talked about her future plans, some of which include releasing a new album! This project would be the follow-up to 2020’s LP Smile. Since then, she has been releasing some singles, as well as collaborating with other artists. In 2021, she shared her solo single “Electric,” and released “When I’m Gone” alongside Alesso. This year, she joined forces with Thomas Rhett for “Where We Started.”

She Wants to Make New Music & Go on a World Tour

While Katy is currently in her Las Vegas residency run, that hasn’t stopped her from working on new music. She also talked about the process of bringing a different side of her when on stage. “I think, obviously, there’s an onstage persona,” she said. “And I save a lot of that energy for being onstage and I dial it up. I really love this show that I put on. It’s my favorite show, it’s bringing the most joy.”

She added that she might also like to go on a world tour. “I’ll probably go and make another record soon and write it and tour the world after this, which will be so great. But I’m pretty, like, even offstage. I’m more, like, a businesswoman; I don’t talk a lot offstage. … I’m very, kind of, an observer. I really save my energy for when I have to go and turn it on. ‘Cause when I turn it on, it’s up to 11, girl.”

Katy is set to continue her Las Vegas residency until October 22. After that, she will head over to Tokyo, and perform at the True Colors Festival on November 19-20. So, we’ll have to wait and see if she hops on a world tour afterward! (Fingers crossed.)

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