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Katy Perry PLAY Las Vegas Review

Katy Perry is more than a Teenage Dream

Katy Perry at PLAY Las VegasThe campiest 2010’s pop girl, Katy Perry, has been one of the most influential artists in pop music since her 2008 One Of The Boys debut album.   Perry’s history of dominating radio plays in the early 2010s is just one of her many successes, however.  Her inescapable music has her tied with nonother than Michael Jackson with the most #1 hits from an album with five.  Additionally, throughout her career, Perry has managed to wrack up a whopping 34 Billboard Hot 100 entries, headlined the most viewed SuperBowl Half-Time Show, and gain a spot on American Idol’s judging panel.  With the slew of awards she’s won, Katy is pivoting towards a new project.  PLAY, her residency at Resorts World in Las Vegas is a new dawn for her. Lucky for me, I got to *witness* how Perry handled the stage in the most entertaining city in the world.

She is Walking on Air

Katy Perry has always been one to be tongue-in-cheek and completely camp (we can’t forget her wearing a hamburger costume to the Met Ball after-party).  In Vegas, this was no exception.

The show opened with a video featuring the lovely Ricky Thompson who later narrated the interludes for the five acts within the show.  Beginning with an opening video setting up the theme of PLAY, we saw Perry as a “Katy Doll” being discovered by a boy.  The Toy Story-esque video eventually transitioned into lots and lots of gay screams.  The video cut, the curtain rose, and Perry dropped from the ceiling by an oversized hand.  E.T. was the opening song and introduction to Katy as a tiny doll surrounded by over-the-top stage props.  Everything from the talking bed, dancing plunger, and sparking hairdryer was larger-than-life.  This was the first of many, showcasing her greatest hits, and completely outrageous surroundings.  Check out a clip from the show of her new single When I’m Gone with Alesso below!

“‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ movie on mushrooms”

Being no beginner when it comes to performing, Katy’s stage presence was intoxicating.  The Roar singer gave us dance breaks, outfit changes, and some of the most comedic exchanges with props on her stage.  The funniest of which was when she was chatting with the massive toilet on her stage that eventually showcased a dancing turd.  Or maybe, it was when a life-sized frog serenaded her during I kissed a girl.  Whatever the scene, a cheesy smile was plastered to my face the whole time.

Perry explained her show best saying that “this is a set-in-the-’60s, ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ movie on mushrooms,” and I could not have said it better myself.  However, despite the grandiosity of the set, the best part of the show was definitely her interactions with the audience.  During Bon Apetit the singer brought two audience members on stage for a gag-worthy dance-off. Additionally, her exchange with a little girl in the audience brought tears to her, and many others, eyes.  Katy Perry PLAY LIVE

She is never really over

Being that Katy is well into her career at this point, a Vegas residency could not have been a more perfect choice for her right now.  First, it gives her an opportunity to take a break from the ferocity of touring as a new mother.  Not only that, it allows her to cement herself as one of the greatest popstars.  Maybe I am just a biased Katy Kat, but seeing all of her eras in one show was amazing. You’re able to really see the impact of her career.

I can’t think of one time in 2010 when I wasn’t singing California Girls on the way home from school.  Even better, when wasn’t I clocking all of the lyrics to Never Really Over while in the club.  In all, her show in Vegas perfectly captured the charisma that we love in Katy Perry while also flaunting the success of a 34-time Billboard Hot 100 artist.

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