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EDEN Finds New Maturity in “ICYMI”

EDEN is back and keeping his two-year pattern of releasing albums with his latest: ICYMI. Standing for “In Case You Missed It,” I’ve gotta say that this one’s shown a new perspective to his vulnerability and honesty. If you’ve been reading me for a while or listened to our podcast, then you know what I’m about to say. EDEN is one of those artists I’ve been following forever. I was 14 when I started listening to him, this was back when he was releasing music as The Eden Project. Years later he shed that identity and became EDEN. After one record and two studio albums, we’re now here with ICYMI. It’s something that can be summed with a single word: “maturity”. 


EDEN Finds New Maturity: 

Now, you can take that with a grain of salt. EDEN has always been an artist who’s strived for maturity and understanding through his years of music. That said, this one’s got a really specific lens. He’s older now, he’s learned new things, and as someone who’s seen his “365x” series I can say that he’s found the road. (Watch “365x 24” to get that reference.) So with that established what examples can I give to show off the best of the best from this album? Easy. Full warning, out of the eleven tracks, I’ll only be focusing on two. Let’s start with… 

The Addictive and Toxicity of Not Letting Go in “PS1”: 


Reminiscing and trying to find closure within past events is normal. That said, EDEN blatantly says that he’ll fit the thoughts of his previous love into whatever narrative fits him. As a listener, you’re not jiving with that, but that production brings you in. It’s spread out and a bit discombobulated, yet concentrated. Using video games to elaborate on his imminent destruction; EDEN does what I love to see from him. Airing out dirty laundry to hopefully get better. 

Putting Your Heart on a Table with “Call Me Back”: 


This is the longest track in the album. It’s raw, it’s hurt. Where “PS1” was a toxic attempt at rationalizing things due to pride, ego, or self-sustainment. “Call Me Back” is the truth in a beautifully put together song that goes into all of his styles throughout the years. The synths, the electric second half, the instrument driven beginning. It’s as EDEN as I can think of. Aside from that, lyrically it’s a bit devastating and fits the entire point of EDEN’s name and theoretical era as The Eden Project. It’s finding out “What went wrong?” and growing from it. It’s looking for bliss and love, and finding out that you need to love yourself in moments of breaking up. This is EDEN, and I’m glad ICYMI has what I’d consider to be his magnum opus. 

So? Want to check out the rest of the album? ICYMI is on Spotify and YouTube, so give it a listen if what I’ve said is up your alley. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.

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