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Jiggo’s Lastest Single “Details” Is What You Needed But Didn’t Know That Yet

Once again, we’re back to talk about German rap. Today’s argument is Jiggo’s last song “Details,” dropped at the end of September. You should know, at this point, that Music Daily’s team is always looking for good music to share, and we’re trying to do our best to let you know that.

Jiggo’s multicultural mix

Jiggo, 26 year old rapper and singer, is, at least for the moment, the lastest discovery that we want to tell you about. His origins probably speak for his music, because Jiggo is what you don’t expect at all from a German artist.

He grew up in Goppingen, Germany, but with parents from Spain and Turkey, the rapper shows this multicultural mix in the lyrics of his tracks. Jiggo’s sound contains the cool style of the clubs with an innate sense of melody. It’s not so easy trying to categorize the genre of his discography, but maybe it’s also the beauty of this discovery.

5 years after “Pablo Picasso”

Details,” his lastest single, is what you needed, but you didn’t know that yet. The track is the right way to continue a solid project started a few years ago, in 2016. In that year, indeed, Pablo Picassosaw the light as the first project of the rapper’s career. Jiggo’s attitude and music were really different at that time, and the evolution is clear. Five years later, Jiggo has made a huge qualitative leap that could take him to the highest points of German charts.

Details” has the merit to be a light, but valid, track that can be listened by every listener in every situation. Maybe it will become Jiggo’s next hit, or maybe not. But, actually, it doesn’t matter too much. Because we’re talking about a path, the one of Jiggo, and the results on the charts are not the final goal. Sure, artists don’t work only with passion, but music can’t be exclusively something about business and money.

We will surely continue to follow him and his music, and hope you guys will do that too!

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