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Waiting for the album, Luciano has dropped new single “SCHMETTERLING”

Taking the melody of an old success can sometimes improve that song and show some aspects that never were appreciated before.
This is practically what german star Luciano did with “SCHMETTERLING“, his latest track dropped on the 17 of june.

Big numbers for Luciano

Already with 6 million clicks just on Spotify, the song is really different from the preceeding discography of Luciano. The rapper is now preparing for his new album “AQUA” and choosing a new aspect of his personality to expand his music to a different audience. Luciano, repeating the success ofFemme Like Uby K.Maro and thanks to Ghana Beats and Geenaro’s melodies, sings a beautiful story about love in a particular dancehall atmosphere. If you have prejudices yet about the musicality of the german music, then you ABSOLUTELY have to listen to the latest drop of Luciano to change your ideas. Rhythm, text and melody are the right contents of the music recept of Luciano. This time he leaves his street attitude for something different.

New album “AQUA” is coming soon

SCHMETTERLING” is one of the eleven tracks already dropped that will be included in “AQUA“. The new album will come out on the second day of July. But now we have to wait to find the new direction of the german rapper’s work. Luciano, in the past, was always more focused on his rap skills. Now we could listen to more works like this track thanks to his desire to extend music to the world. This could be one of the most personal storytelling of the Berliner rapper’s discography. We can listen to every aspect of his melancholy thanks to the power of his words. “SCHMETTERLING“, which means butterfly in english, could open the complicated world of Luciano.

After all these positive comments about the song, now it’s your turn to listen to it.

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