Trevor Daniel is Better Off “Alone”

Trevor Daniel has released his new single, “Alone.” The 27-year-old Texas native dropped the track ahead of his upcoming EP, That Was Then, which releases November 5th. “Alone” is a vulnerable look inside Trevor’s mind, and the song is just as unique as he is.

Trevor Wants to Be Alone, Just Like Us

After weeks of teasing fans, Trevor Daniel finally dropped “Alone” on September 24th along with a music video. With incredibly unguarded lyrics, fans catch a glimpse into the life of a celebrity. Daniel’s voice, smooth and uncompromising, is the highlight of the track. He sings, “some nights I don’t pick up the phone  / some fights keep going on and on / Alright, I think I’ve had enough / I don’t think I was made for love.” Trevor reminds us that he experiences the same love and heartbreak that we do, and perhaps describes it better than we ever could.

Fans are raving about the vulnerability and truthfulness of “Alone,” and for good reason. In the music video, blue-haired Trevor sings to us amidst of an abundance of beautiful women and distractions. Even though he has all of the markings of “the good life,” Trevor still wants to be alone with himself.

EP Coming Soon

As if “Alone” wasn’t enough, Trevor Daniel also announced that he will be dropping an EP in November. Titled That Was Then, the EP has been a “hands on process.” Daniel recently revealed details about the project, writing on Twitter, “everything after this project is about to be experimental. i want to create a world we can get lost in. sonically, visually. everything. getting back to why i started in the first place.” Trevor Daniel rose to fame quickly in 2019 with his single, “Falling”, which hit #1 on the Billboard Pop charts. Since then, Trevor has refused to confine himself to one genre. It’s safe to say that fans are thrilled to hear his new music.


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