G-Eazy Releases New Track “Breakdown” with Demi Lovato

“Breakdown” is one of the tracks on G-Eazy’s new album that features Demi Lovato

It is the most recent track released by the American rapper G-Eazy that features singer Demi Lovato. “Breakdown” is one of the tracks on G-Easy’s new album “These Things Happen Too.” It is a pop-rap song on G-Eazy’s new album, “These Things Happen Too.”

Both G-Eazy and Lovato are trying to find and fight their demons

G-Eazy’s new track “Breakdown,” features Demi Lovato’s powerful voice creates perfect harmony with G-Eazy’s rhymes. Their voices emphasise the meaning of the song, and make it even more emotional.

“Breakdown” in fact refers to the problems that the two artists have. They sing about feeling distant from themselves and lonely, in a dark place far from other people. Demi sings “I got big plans but none of them feel like mine (yeah). And I miss days where I used to feel like me (you know).”

G-Eazy sings about how he became addicted to drugs, and for this reason lost his relationships. He also accuses the music industry and says that everyone is addicted. “To do it though, I need these drugs I’ve become dependent on. Someone tried to confront me now we don’t get along. In my business, they trippin’ off what I’m sippin’ on,” G-Eazy raps.

Lovato already discussed her addiction problem in her documentary “Dancing with the Devil,” released in 7 single episodes on YouTube starting April 2021. In her documentary Lovato discusses her long road through addiction with drugs and alcohol, starting from her young age as a Disney star until today.

Demi Lovato dancing with the devil single

The video reflects the meaning of the song

G-Eazy also released the video of the single “Breakdown” which features Demi Lovato as well. The video takes place in two different locations. The first one is made of two rooms separated from one another by a wall, where the two artists sing. The second scene develops outside, in a location reminiscent of a peripheral street, isolated and far from the city. Both the locations represent artists’ distance from one another and from society.

The two artists performed the song on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show”: watch their performance here!

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