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Jack Powers’ New EP “Popstar” Is A Fresh Take On Nostalgia

After a string of singles, New York City's unstoppable enigma Jack Powers releases their debut EP, "Popstar."

Born from a blue star in the subconscious, underground club sensation Jack Powers debuts their glittery EP, Popstar— a torrent of ’80s synths and new-wave feelings. With recent singles getting praise from publications like PAPER, Billboard, i-D, and Vogue, Powers invents a limitless pop future on Popstar.

To celebrate the EP’s release, Powers gives a new meaning to the term popstar as a New York City native who has weathered many career obstacles. “I believe being a Popstar isn’t about fame or money,” they said on Instagram. “It’s about how many times you pop up after you’ve been pushed down.”

Favorite Tracks from Popstar

The rising star’s Popstar EP is a time capsule of once-modern synthesizers and rolling drum machines. Where the opening track “Crystalized” pinpoints the neon-legged ’80s decade, its deconstructed and bubbly synths differ from the resurrected disco movement, popularized by Dua Lipa’s landmark album Future Nostalgia.

The EP perfectly fits into Jamie Lee Curtis’ steamy aerobic class playlist from the 1985 film Perfect. Also, tracks “Physical Language” and “Tommy Phenomenal” exemplify chilling techno and rock notes, all independent flares making for an unforgettable Ladyland Festival set.

Behind the glitzy Club MTV-esque production, Popstar duels between X-rated imagery and deep-cut lyricism. While “Forever” is blatantly about sex, the track’s atmosphere is spectacularly mouth-watering and risqué. And despite the digitally-progressive beat on “Believe,” Powers analyzes how their crush’s kiss makes them feel alive. Regardless, it all pays off: the Popstar EP embraces a range of emotions and sonic authenticity missing from most dance records today.

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