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2023 Is ADIV’s ‘Perfect Time’

Nick Jonas, SZA, Britney Spears, and many more. Your favorite artist has already worked with ADIV and you probably didn’t know it happened. But don’t worry about it, MD Discovery is here for you.

Born and raised in NYC, ADIV grew up in a music family and started to sing in his church as a child. The gospel’s influences are indeed a big part of his discography. It’s like a carpet of different genres (bluegrass, country, Americana) on a sweet note of contemporary R&B.

Before the recent release ‘Perfect Time’, the last project was dated 2021. Just two years ago indeed, ADIV experimented his tastes on the tracks of album Life Could Be Different’. Like a music engineer, the LA based songwriter tried to build not just a sound, but a unique atmosphere in which to be transported. A complex project full of sense, both lyrically and melodically. But now, after two long years, we finally have new music to talk about.

‘Perfect Time’ is his latest release, and can also count on the beautiful voice of India Shawn, another precious gem to preserve. The harmony that the duo has is rare and suggests an important extra-work relationship. India added the feminine delicacy that the song needed to give the ‘Perfect Time’ to the listeners. A coordinated work born from a one time session as they said in an interview on WEARESOUL (*very interesting music platform about lo-fi, neo-soul, R&B and live art, check them out!*). And now bigger things are coming.

Spotify’s Playlists & New EP ‘Liberty’

After conquering Spotify’s R&B Weekly and Fresh Finds R&B, ADIV has said he has new music ready to get out. We’re talking about his second EP ‘Liberty’, which will see lights this fall, followed by a couple of shows in London.

2023 is gonna be all ADIV, or at least that’s what we hope for. He really deserves it.

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