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Fredwave: If Struggling Sounds so Good, Then Why Should We Stop it? 

Made in the UK, Fredwave is one the most promising new artists of the London music scene. We wanted to do an artist profile on him so badly because we really believe we’re talking about something more than interesting. 

La La’, ‘99′ and Fredwave’s path

Not only R&B, Fredwave’s music goes above and beyond, with shades of UK rap/grime and a bit of EDM. LA LA, dropped on the 24th of May, is his new single, and perfectly sums up the artist’s path. Because Fredwave is not a newcomer, he has indeed played music for 9 years. 

His first project,99 (2016), was self-produced but already had the quality to make it. The guitar solo at the end accompanies the theme: two lovers at odds. And just like two lovers at odds, Fredwave’s notes tell a different story but with an intention of harmony. A musician with a capital M who will bring you to his personal world, made of fragility, awareness, passion. 

Now imagine being at a live music venue in North London, drinking your Cognac, waiting for someone who’ll change your night. That someone is not a date, but a musician. And it’s Fredwave. The hidden gem you were searching for. Through his music, he romanticizes the struggle of inner city life, coupled with personal anecdotes about love and lust. One of those versatile artists that is comfortable with everything but has a specific taste. This is the kind of music that captures the environment and its sounds. 

Fredwave’s dark side is what makes his production so good. The struggle is real, and wants to be shared and cured with the act of making music. After all, if it sounds so good, then why should we stop it?

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