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Dua Lipa Drops “Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition” Led by Single ‘We’re Good’

Dua Lipa has released a new version of her album Future Nostalgia, this being The Moonlight Edition. Alongside the release of the new version, she also dropped a new single – ‘We’re Good,’ accompanied by a music video.

Dua Breaks Down ‘We’re Good’

In ‘We’re Good,’ Dua Lipa fantasizes about an amicable breakup with her partner. “Not gonna judge you when you’re with somebody else / As long as you swear you won’t be pissed when I do it myself / Let’s end it like we should and say we’re good.” The song has an upbeat, tropical vibe that makes it danceable.

“I think sonically, it felt the riskiest because I don’t even know what it is,” Dua told Zane Lowe on Apple Music of the song. “It’s like pop with a little bit of a trap beat. It’s got an interesting Bossa Nova style. I don’t even know how you explain it or how you would start to describe what a song like that is. It just is. And that for me was probably the scariest, but I think the content of the song is really interesting.”

She continued, “It’s having that amicable breakup that I think everybody kind of wants. It’s like that clean break isn’t lacking, move on. We’re good. You can’t be upset if I move on. I can’t be upset if you move on. You know what I mean? And I think a lot of the time it’s that part of a breakup that – It gets lost in translation. Yeah. When things are ego-driven, that’s immediately when it’s over, but yeah, just the amicable breakup.”

A Heartfelt Music Video

The music video features Dua as a singer on a passenger ship and tells the love story between two lobsters, who are waiting for their unfortunate destination at the ship’s restaurant. The video prominently makes visual references to the 1997 blockbuster-epic Titanic.

Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition features 8 new tracks that weren’t included in the first release of the album last year. Dua had released 4 of these songs prior to the album, them being ‘Levitating (Remix),’ ‘Fever,’ ‘Prisoner (ft. Miley Cyrus,)’ and ‘Un Dia.’ The brand new songs included in the album, besides ‘We’re Good’ are ‘If it Ain’t Me,’ ‘That Kind of Woman,’ and ‘Not my Problem.’

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