J Balvin To Bring Reggaeton To “VAX LIVE” This Weekend

May 8 is “VAX LIVE,” Global Citizen’s live concert to bring important public health messages to the masses – and J Balvin is a guest!


“VAX LIVE” Gets A Taste of Reggaeton

Known as “The Prince of Reggaeton,” J Balvin is preparing to bring his signature style and flow to a global audience. The “Mi Gente” singer has been linked to so many hits and even more awards. The performer’s slick and catchy approach to making music solidified his place in the industry. Truly, the fact of the matter is that he helped popularize Reggaeton and bring it to a widespread level of love and fandom.


He has collaborated with Beyoncé, Cardi B, Bad Bunny, The Black-Eyed Peas, Rosalía, and so many more. His roster is impressive because everyone wants to work with the Latin star whose upbeat, urban pop tracks are global successes. At 35-years-old, J Balvin has already been on the music scene for 17 years – and nobody sees that coming to an end, thankfully.


Just in the last two years, the singer released two chart-topping, critically-acclaimed albums. The LPs were spectacular, collaborative, and danceable hits. His notable standing grew even larger and his growth soared yet again. It brought him to global stages, gave him fashion lines, and true pop culture figure status. 


J Balvin is no stranger to using his platform to help others. He has consistently educated his millions of fans about the facts of the Spanish community and the lives they lead. Balvin donates money to his home city, attends benefit shows, and shares stories of those in need. With his top tier platform, the Reggaeton singer works hard to utilize it to shine a light on those who don’t have as broad of a reach or as strong of a voice. 


He used that mindset to collaborate with Global Citizen’s non-profit efforts last year, during the peak of the pandemic. J Balvin virtually performed two songs, one alongside The Dreamcatchers, at last year’s livestream for charity and education. He sang “Mi Gente,” in addition to “Que Calor,” for adoring fans.


Global Goal: Unite For Our Future showed J Balvin and others performing hits and expressing the urgency for facts on how to keep safe. Just like what he’ll be doing at “VAX LIVE” on May 8!


J Balvin To Add To The Mixed Bag Of Performers

J Balvin joins Eddie Vedder, Jennifer Lopez, Foo Fighters, H.E.R., and more yet-to-announced artists. This wide variety of performers is to be led by host Selena Gomez. The “VAX LIVE” lineup spans multiple musical genres and many different generations of music lovers. J Balvin brings a modern, Latin twist to the show, which will be a fun addition.


Also, communities of people of color are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As a Spanish language performer and Columbian native, Balvin will bring viewers in who need to hear and understand the public health messages being broadcast.


“VAX LIVE” is using popular music and notable stars to relay vital, relevant messages regarding pandemic safety. News involving the vaccine rollout, access to testing, and facts about the virus are the main focus. The concert portion had fans tuning it, but leaving them feeling educated about the world they are living in.


Last summer, J Balvin himself contracted COVID-19. The Latin Grammy winner and global superstar spoke honestly to his audience about the experience. In addition, he noted that some days were harder than others, but recovery was not swift with the complicated symptoms. Then, the star urged his fans, the community, and the world to understand the reality of this pandemic.


“I’m sending a message to all those who follow me, to all the youth, to people in general,” J Balvin wrote online, “that they take care, that this is not a joke … the virus as such exists. It’s very dangerous. Take a lot of care of yourselves.”

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