Bad Bunny Surprises Fans With “De Museo”

Reggaeton star Bad Bunny surprised fans last week with a new song. “De Museo” arrived with no warning from the singer, following up to June’s “Yonaguni.”

Bad Bunny Never Stops Working

While a couple of weeks without a release doesn’t seem that wild, it may feel like an eternity for Bad Bunny fans. The performer released an impressive three albums throughout 2020: February’s YHLQMDLG, May’s Las Que No Iban a Salir, and El Último Tour del Mundo in November.

“De Museo” (which translates to “From the Museum”), offers a new sound from the Puerto Rican singer. With a trap vibe, it distinguishes itself from his well-known reggaeton music. Bad Bunny starts “De Museo” stating that “a brother must never be betrayed, the family must never be abandoned.” He shares that despite all the money he holds or the women he could have thanks to his fame, “envy does not live with us, it dies.”

“De Museo” Marks His Third Single of the Year

Bad Bunny sings about being grateful as time passes and problems come and go; thanking God and his late friends for backing him on the journey. In Spanish, the chorus of the song states, “The street is fierce. We always walk in the hustle. The museum’s machine, I walk it. Because the street is fierce. We take care of the ugly, brother.” Bad Bunny’s reference to “The Machine” is his Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans sports car, valued at more than 3 million dollars. In the cover art for the new single, he appears sitting on the hood of it. 

“De Museo” is the third song that Bad Bunny has released in 2021, even though he had not planned to drop music this year. He admitted it in an interview with Apple Music in early June when he released “Yonaguni.” Before “Yonaguni,” Bad Bunny and his friend Luar La L launched the song “100 Millones” on May 28. 

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