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Lauren Jauregui’s “Temporary” Benefits Children’s Mental Health

Lauren Jauregui has joined the Sound It Out Together campaign with “Temporary,” her brand new single. 

What Is The Sound It Out Campaign?

The Sound It Out campaign has a goal to help parents and caregivers better support their middle schooler’s emotional wellness. This is through the power of music. As a result, an EP with four songs – including Lauren Jauregui’s – was made to go along with the campaign. Other artists such as KAMAUU, Empress Of, Tobe Nwigwe & Lanell Grant also got involved in the project.

Each of the artists who helped bring this campaign to reality had meaningful conversations with middle schoolers from different backgrounds. They then took inspiration from those conversations and wrote their songs for the EP. 

“The entire initiative is amazing,” Jauregui said during an Instagram Live announcing the song. “They’re really just… harnessing the power of music to help us talk about our feelings. It was such a perfect alignment. That’s literally why I do music. It’s how I transmute my feelings.”

Lauren Jauregui’s Inspiration For “Temporary”

Jauregui’s soulful English-Spanish song, “Temporary,” arrived as the outcome of her conversation with middle schooler Anna. In a video she posted on Instagram, she let viewers see a little bit of her conversation with her, where fans found out that Anna is a 13-year-old Latina. 

In addition, Lauren shared, “The stigmas are only ever going to go away if we talk about it and I’m grateful to have been able to express how I feel and to have had such an open, honest conversation with Anna and her mom about our experiences. I hope others feel as warm listening to it as we felt making it.”

She also adds, “I’m so grateful to Ad Council and the Sound It Out project for having me be a part of such a necessary conversation. I would say it’s the time we’re in but I feel as though my parents, my grandparents, and great grandparents would’ve benefited greatly from these kind of conversations around mental health when they were kids.”

The Sound It Out EP is out now, also including the songs “Howie and the Howl,” “One Breath,” “Temporary,” and “Caged Birds.”

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