Beyoncé Triumphs on Newest Single, “Be Alive”

Beyoncé Is (Somewhat) Back

After her 2020 release of “Black Parade,” Beyoncé is finally back, this time with the triumphant “Be Alive.” The single serves as the Original Song for “King Richard,” a movie detailing Serena and Venus Williams’s rise to fame through their coach father’s eyes. Although it is not a song off an upcoming project of hers, it is still lovely to see Beyoncé appear in works with shared values. (For example, according to Esquire she made Black is King to “call upon Black men to throw off the shackles of colonized masculinity”).

Under her lyric video for “Be Alive,” user Jzon Azari commented, “Love how Beyoncé has started to lend her gifts and talents only to causes of our stories. So beautiful.” It’s true: her voice has become a beacon for many– and this single is a glittery example of such tenacity.

“Be Alive” Analysis

Before the instrumentation begins, the 40-year-old singer breaks into layered harmonies, “It feels so good to be alive.” The intro/chorus is shimmery and soulful, carried by twinkly piano chords– it’s beautiful. Before leading into a pounding beat, the singer ends the intro with an impactful message: “Couldn’t wipe this black off if I tried / That’s why I lift my head with pride.” Referring to Jzon’s comment, her recent works, like the Grammy-nominated “Lemonade,” acknowledge often silenced black struggles. Through the lyrics, the R&B singer details the unfair trials that Serena and Venus endured, yet it also speaks to the larger community they represent.

Beyoncé’s voice explodes in the first verse, “The path was never paved with gold / We worked and built this on our own.” Her voice is dominant, husky, and strong against the steady beat. The sheer depth in her voice adds so much power to the beat that the simple pows become energized– it’s electrifying. She chronicles the sisters’ hardships in the pre-chorus, “This is hustle personified / Look how we’ve been fighting to stay alive.” However much of a struggle the journey is, her message is nothing but inspiring and uplifting. The beat is unrelenting and marching forward towards greatness! As she ends the pre-chorus, her voice shines as bright as day, “So when we win, we will have pride.” And, truthfully, this track is already gold!

Final Thoughts

Beyoncé doesn’t disappoint; whether it’s for personal projects or soundtracks, she gives 110%. Her dedication to uplifting untold stories and struggles, making it into art is, nonetheless, inspiring to everyone. “Be Alive” is a track guaranteed to get the heart pumping! So, whether you need to squeeze in a workout or are in search of confidence, Queen Bey has your back!

Do you enjoy this single just as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!

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