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ILLENIUM & iann dior Make Dance Hit ‘First Time’

ILLENIUM and iann dior joined forces to make a new dance-pop smash hit ‘First Time’. It’s the fourth single off ILLENIUM’s forthcoming album.

ILLENIUM Teased the Single to his Fans

ILLENIUM originally teased ‘First Time’ on March 2nd; in a Clubhouse talk with Said The Sky, Dabin, and William Black. He announced the collaboration during the beginning of the chat; and described the song as “A little bit of a different song for me and I really love it,” while announcing that the song was coming out “pretty soon.”

On March 4th, ILLENIUM surprised three fans in Denver, Colorado with a flash drive. Each flash drive contained a ten-second audio file of the song. Combined together, the audio clips would form the first 30 seconds of First Time. He also hid two flash drives (One in Washington Park, and one under the Big Blue Bear at The Colorado Convention Center.) Those contained the lyrics to the song.

The song’s release date was announced on ILLENIUM’s community text on March 7th, and on Twitter on March 8th. The song officially released on March 12th.

Some Drama Emerged

If the song sounds familiar to you, it’s because it might actually be. Lost Kings used similar vocals of ‘First Time’ on their version of the song, played in many of their live sets. 

Lost Kings were set to release the song in 2021, but it got sold in a deal out of their hands to ILLENIUM’s team. They expressed their feelings on Twitter on March 4th. “We had the rights and were given the song. We played it live cuz that was ready to come out next haha. It got sold while we were getting ready to release it. Writer label bullshit.”

Either way, we love this new collaboration between ILLENIUM and iann dior. The song includes the perfect mix of vocals and EDM music, alongside a nice bass sound. We hope they work together again in the future!

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