SYML’s “Stay Close” Gets Two Releases

Ever since Brian Fennell hopped on the alternative scene as a solo artist, SYML, the genre has never been the same. 


The Artistry Behind SYML

The 38-year-old, Seattle-based musician has shaped his musical niche with his bare hands. That niche is soul-stirring alternative rock with a nostalgic singer-songwriter edge. 


After leaving his band, Barcelona, Fennell honed his craft before sharing his art with the world. Barcelona is still an active indie band with a small, but strong following. With a sound similar to that of early Death Cab for Cutie and modern-day Wallows, they still have relevant artistry. It’s that artistry, though, that shaped Brian Fennell’s alternative approach and creative ear for music. 


For the past five years as SYML, Fennell has released one full-length record and a handful of eps. His upcoming EP, DIM, is set to release on April 16th through Nettwerk Records. The performer, father, and multi-instrumentalist is gearing up for this new era of his alt career.


“Stay Close” and More

He’s still doing everything himself and in a creative manner. This is why his latest single, coming off DIM, was released in two separate versions. “Stay Close” dropped earlier this year,  but just last week SYML followed it up with a stripped-down version. In Fennell’s own words, the new track is “sparse.” It’s a lo-fi, music-based track that follows the instruments and production more than the powerful lyrics.


“Stay Close” is an immensely gratifying and reflective song about mourning and connection. “If there’s no cure and there’s no medicine, do we count the days until the end? We’ve got the count, the fix is in. It’s been decided before it begins, stay close… stay close,” SYML sings warmly in the second verse. 


This “sparse” version of the new single features alt pop princess Charlotte Lawrence and studio master Brian Eichelberger.  “Put together a nice low key version of Stay Close for your life. Did it with piano and strings with the pals,” a SYML Instagram post stated.


With talented, beloved collaborators like these and a double release of an elite single, DIM already sounds spectacular. The April 16 EP release is so close, yet so far away, which means fans need to stay tuned for everything SYML is doing and creating.


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