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Hayd Delivers His Newest Sad Song “What Did I Do?”

Hayd’s Endless Supply of Sad Songs

After dropping his EP, “Changes” this September, Hayd released yet another sad single for fans titled “What Did I Do?” The Interscope-signed artist has an honest following on Instagram of 45.2K; however, his true acclaim is from TikTok with 409.8K followers and 8.5M likes. On TikTok, he had his EP’s title track “Changes” rake up over 10 million views. Still, “What Did I Do?” feels like the remanence of “Changes,” another sad song of a failed relationship. To emphasize this loss, the artwork for “What Did I Do?” is a lonely neighborhood streetlamp trapped in a blue haze. It’s isolated, dark, and alone. And, much like the single artwork, Hayd’s lyrics and production capture this disconnect.

“What Did I Do?” Song Analysis

A simple guitar melody introduces the song before Hayd comes in with, “It’s funny how life takes time from under your fingers / Like snowfall takes the life of flowers in winter.” His lyrics are introspective, aware, poetic, and, above all, relatable. His voice stays at the same talking rhythm as if having a conversation. In the chorus, he says, “You told me to fly away, you don’t wanna weigh me down / But, I’m drowning in all the space, my wings feel smaller now / Oh, what did I do?”

He doesn’t add much to the seemingly acoustic production, only more orchestral layers for a more cinematic, atmospheric feeling. If anything, it is a natural build to the song and nothing out of the ordinary. In the song’s outro, there is noticeable distortion in his voice, as if he is talking through the paper, and the sound adds that extra punch of loneliness. Through it all, he finishes, “Oh, what did I do? Mm-mm.” There’s no other way to take it but a defeat.

In an interview with The Honey Pot, he says, “As an artist, I want to be a good translator. I think it’s my job to take abstract feelings and emotions that everyone feels and put them into words and tangible songs that people can truly resonate with.” As an artist, Hayd accomplishes such vulnerability and complexity. Similarly, his writing style resembles Taylor Swift or Olivia Rodrigo, but clearly, his delivery is more Alec Benjamin. And while these artists are distinguished in their own musical niches, Hayd owns this new indie “sadcore” space fit for the digital-consuming era.

 What Do you think about Hayd’s newest single? Let us know in the comments.

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