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FKA Twigs and The Weeknd on “Tears In The Club”

FKA Twigs returns with heartfelt club track

FKA Twigs returns with her new single Tears In The Club with The Weeknd.  After recently collaborating with Central Lee on Measure Of A Man for the “The Kings Men” soundtrack Twigs is back with her new era of music.  Before its release, she teased the new single on Instagram by saying “y’all gonna get what u’ve been wanting from me for bare time.”  She continues by saying this new era will be the best version of herself and that she has been leveling up to the best version of herself.  After releasing her debut cult classic LP1 and 2019’s critically acclaimed Magdalene, this next level has us excited.

The emotional hardship that influenced her next project

On the next project, Twigs hints that it is titled “capri sun” – short for Capricorn Sun.  Additionally, Twigs describes the project as “really deep, emotional, and honest.”  The very personal creation comes after the artist filed a lawsuit against ex Shia Labeouf for domestic abuse.  In the lawsuit, she says there was relentless abuse including, emotional distress, battery, and assault.  Speaking on the matter to New York Times Twigs says “I’d like to be able to raise awareness on the tactics that abusers use to control you and take away your agency.”  After the lawsuit, she says she plans to donate any money received to various domestic violence awareness groups.  FKA twigs in Tears In The Club Music Video

A transition in her life

In “Tears In The Club” we can see Twigs using music as a way to heal from her dark past.  The line “Wanna dance you out of my/gotta dance you out of/My hips/my thighs/my wrongs/my rights” speaks on the transitional period within her personal life.  Not only that, but the song shows a transition within her sound as well.  Sonically, we see Twigs moving towards a more commercial pop-trap sound.  Nevertheless, she still keeps an experimental edge within the song.  Especially in the post-chorus, you can hear this.  In it, she sings with an eery alien pitched tone that could make you dance even with tears in your eyes.

Production on the song comes from El Guincho, Cirkut, and none other than Arca. Arca herself has had a year of releases after putting out four albums from the KiCK series.  Twigs when talking about Arca on the project says she “did the keys in a super cute reggaeton esq jam”.

Twigs cries on the dancefloor in Music Video

Along with the single comes a beautiful music video to accompany it.  The video shows the artist beautifully expressing her dance skills. Not only in the club while crying, but also on an operating table, and completely submerged in water while on the pole.  The effervescent artist has always been one to mesmerizingly communicate the emotions she is singing about through movement.  To see more from FKA Twigs looks out for her new project capri sun, expected January 14th.


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