Olivia Rodrigo Captures Heartbreak in “Traitor” Music Video

One of the biggest, breakout artists of 2021, Olivia Rodrigo captures heartbreak in new “Traitor” music video. Just released on October 21, 2021, she surprised her fans with this video. Nevertheless, the video currently stands at over 10 million views.

How Rodrigo Captures Heartbreak in “Traitor” Music Video

Throughout Rodrigo’s releases of 2021, there is a common theme of aesthetics such as cars, driving, bright colors, and public places. She captures heartbreak in her music video, “Traitor” once again, with this cohesive theme. Within the video she reflects on her betrayal in a parking lot, what appears to be a high school, and an arcade. In addition, there’s a white truck outlined in purple neon lights. Much of what Rodrigo displays in “Traitor” is similar to what she has shown in previous videos for her other tracks. Her lead single “Driver’s License” and “Deja Vu” featured scenes of reflecting on a breakup in cars and in public as well .

Inspiration Behind “Traitor”

Back in January when she released “Driver’s License, a litany of rumors spread that Rodrigo’s heart was broken by her former costar, Joshua Bassett. The rumors did not end after that. Many fans continued to speculate that debut album, Sour was based on their alleged relationship. There is no proof on whether or not she’s been directing her songs at him. However, it’s obvious that someone broke her heart and songwriting was likely a way of helping her cope.

The form of heartbreak she describes in “Traitor” is betrayal without what she considers being cheated on. As sung by the chorus, “You talked to her when we were together” and “Guess you didn’t cheat but you’re still a traitor.” In translation, she was dating this guy who expressed interest in another girl during the time of their relationship. He would insist that wasn’t the case. She still had a gut feeling that she was losing him and it turned out her intuition was right. He was going out with this other girl shortly after he and Olivia broke up. Although she knew deep down all along, she ignored the signs which likely intensified the heartbreak.

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