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Harry Styles – “Harry’s House” Album Review

Singer-songwriter Harry Styles has released his third solo album, Harry’s House.

Harry Styles Brings Listeners Into “Harry’s House”

Harry’s House is Harry Styles’ third solo album. It’s full of funk, openness, and intimacy. The popstar pairs retro vibes and instrumentals with a vulnerable familiarness in the lyrics. The 13-track album is bright, soft, and warm, with its 70s vibes and 80s synths. The singer’s vocals are breathy and distant as they draw you into his house.

Harry Styles has been leaving quite the impression on listeners ever since his 2017 debut single, “Sign of the Times.” He’s proven his fluidity within the music genres. His debut album, Harry Styles, was full of British classic rock and soft rock ballads. In contrast, his second album, Fine Line, showcased his talents in pop rock, psychedelic pop, and indie pop. In Harry’s House, Styles demonstrates his proficiency in synth-pop, R&B, and intimate, domestic lyrics.

Lillie Eiger / Courtesy of the artist

The Details Within “Harry’s House”

The album opens with “Music For a Sushi Restaurant.” With its soft jazz, horns, bass, and 70s funk, the song combines upbeat melodies with lyrical domesticities, as well as scatting from Harry Styles himself. Following that, “Late Night Talking” brings airy vocals and soft instrumentals. The song captures what it feels like to be lovesick over someone and wanting to spend all your time talking with them.

The first single that dropped from Harry’s House was the deceivingly catchy “As It Was.” The song’s upbeat melodies, synths, and easygoing vocals give listeners the impression that the song is a feel-good one. However, the lyrics are, debatably, some of the heaviest and most profound on the album. In an interview with Leila Fadel from NPR, Styles says the song is about “metamorphosis, losing yourself, finding yourself.”

In that same interview, Styles also speaks about his song “Matilda.” Beautiful acoustic guitar and incredibly meaningful lyrics take up space in the song named after Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Styles says to Fadel, “I think people have so much guilt with things that they don’t necessarily need to have guilt with.” The song is Styles’ way of showing people that he is listening to them with an open mind and an open heart.

Similarly, “Boyfriends” sees Styles empathizing with those who aren’t fully appreciated by their boyfriends for the love they have and the care they give. “Boyfriends” features acoustic guitar to accompany the sad, complex emotions weaved into the song.

Harry’s House ends with “Love Of My Life,” a bittersweet song that draws from Styles’ own experiences. The lyrics speak about loving someone yet having to constantly leave them to go on the road. Styles acknowledges this unfortunate neglect alongside 80s synths and keyboard.

What’s Next for Harry Styles

harry styles Love on tour

Shortly after announcing his third album release, Styles announced his second tour, Love On Tour. The Love On Tour venues will be an extension of his 2021 Love On Tour. This world tour will promote his second album, Fine Line.

As of right now, fans will have to wait for a tour dedicated to promoting Harry’s House. However, they can be sure that the singer will continue to surprise them with new facets of himself, just as Harry’s House did. Styles has shown fans his storytelling skills and aptitude for homey, intimate lyrics. His synth-pop, retro-feeling album has grooved right into listeners’ hearts.


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