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Muni Long Releases the Outgrown & Withered “Pain”

R&B Industry Vet, Muni Long, has continued her solo endeavor with her latest song: “Pain.” Originally a co-writer for some super recognizable radioplay songs, like Pitbull’s “Timber” and Arianna Grande’s “Imagine.” Muni Long has got some experience under her belt when it comes to creating hits. With that said, it’s so odd to hear that “Pain” is nowhere near as infectious or unique. 

The (Uninspired) Song: 

A song about a failed relationship and wanting your previous partner to feel your pain? Sure, we’ve heard this before but there’s only 37 possible dramatic situations to a story so I’d like to cut her some slack. We start with the line:

“Why is it so hard to keep it real?” 

From the jump I’m expecting Muni Long to go into instances where the theme of lack of communication is present. Sadly that isn’t the case as the song progresses into very general statements and lyrics. This is especially true for the pre-chorus. 

“If you knew me back then (Back then)

You don’t know me now (You don’t know me now)

Things are different, and let me show you how

I’m not the same, I’ve changed

And you feel that pain, I hope you do

And when you do, I’m telling you” 

Keep in mind the latter half of the third line. “…let me show you how” is an empty sentiment. The rest of the track shares nothing aside from the general concept of “I’ve changed and it hurts you, I was hurting before.” Where’s the vulnerability and personal touches that make music such a wonderful piece of art? Alright, maybe I’m being too hard on it. How about the melody itself? 

The (Basic) Melody:  

As the subheading suggests, yep. This song is as basic as I could possibly imagine. A basic drum beat I think I’ve heard thousands of times before and a boring guitar chord progression. I have nothing else about this.


The saddest thing is that I can’t say it’s necessarily bad. All is perfectly functional, but that’s it. “Functional” isn’t what I think we should strive for when it comes to music. Honestly, I would say to give it a skip but maybe you get more out of it than I did. You can check it out here. That’s it for now. For more on your favorites and unknown check out our Word and Drops sections.


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