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Conan Gray Wants More on New Single “Yours”

Conan Gray wants more on his recent release “Yours,” the dreamy fifth single to his sophomore album Superache.

Conan Grey wants more on his recent release "Yours," the dreamy fifth single to his sophomore album Superache.
via Instagram @conangray: radio city :,)) a dream come true

The Virality of Conan Gray

GQ named Gray the “New Prince of Sad Songs” despite the 23-year-old never dating. However, it’s true. In 2016, the singer-songwriter started a YouTube channel covering anything from Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” to Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You.” Soon, Gray dropped out of UCLA after signing with Republic Records. Then, he released the successful EP Sunset Season, a quintessential teenage record full of angst, suburbia, and love. Gray’s themes and sound reflected much of Troye Sivan’s debut Blue Neighbourhood which gathered a similar cult following.

Out of his several viral tracks on TikTok and cutesy moments with superstar friend Olivia Rodrigo, his song “Heather” takes the cake. The #heatherchallenge has over 31 million views as many creators put their own spin on it. The track is straight from his debut album Kid Krow and probably the most emotional for Gray as he’s tired of being the only one crying to it. “Heather” is a song where Gray’s jealous that his crush likes someone else; therefore, Gray hates yet is envious of Heather.

“Yours” by Conan Gray

His latest release, “Yours,” is the fifth single from his upcoming sophomore album Superache (out June 24th). The song’s title follows the story in his music videos; at the end of the “Memories” music video, “Conan’s ex” delivered a box of Conan’s things to his front door with “yours” written on it.

The song starts and stays as a soft piano ballad with the singer drifting through a flower field. Instantly, Gray’s voice is forward and direct, unflinching from his bold words. He sings, “I’m somebody you call when you’re alone / I’m somebody you use, but never own / I’m somebody you touch, but never hold.” His words are honest even though full of defeat– that is a beautiful silver lining.

Although ridden with hopelessness, he demands more and knows this guy cannot give that to him. The song’s bridge swells with backing vocals and drums, adding weight to his words. Although he knows his self-worth, he can’t help but feel he put himself through this willingly. He sings, “I should’ve known that it was dumb love /Fifteen dozen roses /All the things that I’ve done / For you not to notice.” And just as strongly as he came in, his voice wavers and shakes on its way out.

Conan, it’s hard, but it will be okay.

What do you think of Conan Gray’s latest single, “Yours”? What are your impressions of Superache thus far?  Let us know in the comments!


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