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Harry Styles Befriends a Robot in Music Video for ‘Satellite’

In his latest single off Album of the Year, Harry’s House, Harry Styles has just released a music video for “Satellite,” featuring a familiar robot friend. Here’s a breakdown of the video, plus some fan reactions and theories about what it really means.

Spinning Out Waiting For Ya…

Credit: Promo for Spinning Out Waiting For Ya

The last thing fans expected when news of the “Satellite” music video dropped was to prepare the tissues. As the newest single off of Harry’s House, Satellite is a special fan-favorite, largely because of Styles’ live performance of the song. The track was a staple in his latest Love On Tour, cueing the beloved “Satellite Stomps” that Harry does. As such, fans were highly anticipating the new single, and the music video even moreso.

In true Harry Styles fashion, he had to go outside the box when creating music videos. “Satellite” is no different. The video begins at the Forum in Los Angeles, where Styles went on to play 15 consecutive sold-out shows back in 2022/early 2023. The camera focuses on a little robot (Stomper) backstage watching news of the Curiosity Rover on Mars, lonely and looking at the stars. This parallels to Stomper, who goes on to immediately seek out its own star, Harry Styles. He frantically searches the Forum, before finally finding Harry on stage. That is, until he is taken away by security and thrown away.

There is an overlay of the live concert in the middle of the video. For fans, it’s exciting to be transported back to Love on Tour, if only for a few seconds. And hearing the fans singing along with Harry? It’s a quick trip down memory lane. And it also propels the story with Stomper even further.

We watch as Stomper continues his search for Harry, trudging from the Forum through Los Angeles streets before reaching the desert. All the while, its battery gets lower and lower. Until its last moment, Stomper searches high and low for Harry before settling in next to him, watching the stars for one last time.

“Satellite” Fan Theories: Who Is Stomper?

Some theories point at Stomper representing the fans, searching for the sanctitude that comes with Harry and listening to his music. The constant desire to be around Styles and the instant ease his music provides is indicative of the comfort that Harry gives his fans. But this is only one theory.

Others believe that Stomper represents Harry and his experience creating Harry’s House with the robot’s journey from the stage followed by lonely trips through life. He is surrounded by people but also tragically alone. That is, until its battery runs out, and it’s time to recharge. Much like Harry, who has constantly been on the go for the past few years, it may be time for the pop star to take a break and rest up.

Overall, there are dozens of theories floating around on Twitter and TikTok. However, one things remains consistent. Fans are once again loving Harry’s storytelling in his music videos. Much like “Adore You” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” “Satellite” is another example of Harry Styles’ ability to transform his music into art.

Watch the music video for “Satellite” down below, and let us know what your theories on Stomper the Robot are in the comments.

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