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Joan debuts with their debut album “superglue”

We talked about them before, and it’s time now to bring their incredible work and art back. With the release of their debut album superglue, let’s get into the amazing Joan. Re-discover with us this incredible American pop-rock band and their debut album.

Rediscover Joan

With almost 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 24 million streams on their most famous single, “i loved you first,” joan is one of the hottest upcoming artists around. Their debut album, superglue, just dropped, and it’s time for us to brush up and get back into it.

Since they made their first big hit in 2018, “i loved you first,” the Arkansas-originated duo, consisting of Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford, grew to become one of the biggest upcoming indie and pop-rock bands. 

From all over the planet, the band found fans that loved their music and were ready to support them in the journey. But Joan’s success was not a surprise. The band has in fact some of the most catchy yet musically interesting songs around.


Since their first single “one more touch” in 2017, Joan’s music got better and better. Now, the duo is sharing their debut album, and we couldn’t be any more excited.

Previously the band shared their two album-anticipating singles, “don’t wanna be your friend” and “flowers,” giving us a little taste of what superglue was going to be. Finally, we can all enjoy the album in its entire beauty and majesty. The group introduced us to their new work also through the promised-hit “nervous.”

The music theme presented in these singles is recurrent in Joan’s work. Rock infused and pop melodic ballads make the band’s first record. Catchy yet personal and introspective lines perfectly combine in the perfect pop work that is superglue.

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