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Genre-bending Artist Bayli Is New York’s Next Big Shot

Meet Bayli, the Brooklyn artist whose breakout moment began from touring with DNCE. She progressed with a string of singles and EPs, including her latest record, “act up”. Music Daily highlights Bayli as a Music Discovery for her niche musical genius, influenced pop and hip-hop from the aughts.

Meet Bayli, Brooklyn artist whose breakout moment began with touring with DNCE and continues with a string of singles and EPs including her latest record, "Act Up". Music Daily highlights Bayli as a Music Discovery for her niche musical genius influenced by early-aughts pop and hip-hop.
Credit: Bayli Website

Artist Profile

Since Bayli’s involvement in the successful Brooklyn rock and soul band, The Skins, and touring with DNCE, she embarked on her own solo adventure. With a surprising new sound on her debut 2021 EP, Stories from New York, the viral single “Sushi for Breakfast” earned a remix with the lyrical goddess, Junglepussy.

The artist clarifies her eclectic sound and infers that her personal genre is “everything”:

In terms of genre, I hate the idea of putting my music into any box that already exists. I pull inspiration from gospel, jazz, rock, hip hop, funk, classical (baroque) and anything “alternative” or in between, so shouldn’t that make my music everything? My genre is everything. I like writing in every way. (An excerpt from Listen Magazine )

The single and remix feature slick industrial production similar to London DJ Shygirl. And its lyrics ooze sophistication, luxury, and unbothered energy– the perfect attitude to break through the (then) Coronavirus static.

With peers like Slayyyter and Rebecca Black, writing for Jesse McCartney and Giveon, and heard on Mura Masa’s album, demon time, there is no slowing down Bayli. Recently, she released “act up” in promotion for her second EP, stories 2, expected for an October 21st release. Bayli trades harder industrial influences for laid back production and vibey raps on her sophomore effort, a foreseeable evolution.

“Act Up” by Bayli

From her forthcoming project, stories 2, she released the sparkly “TELLY BAG” and the moody “think of drugs”. With two tracks still unreleased, Bayli surprised fans with “act up” after urging fans to spread the word.

With Fader, she says, “‘act up’ is an ode to love! Of course, like so many of my other songs, it’s steeped in gay idioms and innuendoes and feels like a magic carpet ride through my own dreamy, campy audio utopia.” Bayli documents her rollercoaster experience being “smitten” over a girl while being strongly independent.

What do you think of our Music Discovery, Bayli, and her new single, “Act Up”? Let us know in the comments!

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