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WILLOW Is More Vulnerable Than Ever In New Album Coping Mechanism

In celebration of her new album , , WILLOW releases "Split", a balled destined to leave you heartbroken.
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Coping Mechanism by WILLOW

WILLOW has fully emerged into Pop Punk with her new album Coping Mechanism. Behind the dynamic Rock instrumentals are vulnerable lyrics from the singer-songwriter. Coping Mechanism offers a glimpse into WILLOW’s personal life and establishes her sound as an artist. In addition, the eleven track project experiments with metal, emo pop, punk rock music. Her unique tonality and wide vocal range merge perfectly with Pop Punk/Rock music.

Themes in Coping Mechanism

Firstly, it’s only right we dive deeper into the intimate stories WILLOW bravely shares on these tracks. Common themes in Coping Mechanism include heartbreak, mental health struggles and substance abuse. On “WHY?” WILLOW sings, “Instead, I’m faded, findin’ new heights/Swayin’ with the trees, angel speak to heal the weakness” The singer resorts to substances as a coping mechanism for heartbreak.

Title Track “Coping Mechanism”

Furthermore, WILLOW admits to suicidal ideation on the most vulnerable cut from the project. The title track “Coping Mechanism” battles intrusive thoughts and self hatred, resulting in unhealthy ways of coping once again. The “Wait A Minute” singer opens the track by singing “Fun fact, I’m so, so sick of myself/My mind’s a breeding ground for un-health/The walls are talkin’ and the voices in my head.” Her mind creates dark clouds, never allowing light to trickle in. Some days she spends weeping on the couch, and becomes self destructive. “I try to feel something, that’s why I break everything/(I’m screamin’ out loud)”

The chorus centers around a past relationship that was one sided, filled with lies, facades and manipulation. WILLOW regrets the time she wasted, and reflects on her partners deceptive behavior. Her girlfriend would show no remorse or emotion during fights with WILLOW. The rockstar was misled during the relationship, as her partners’ focus was on someone else. “Had your eyes locked on someone else/No, you couldn’t help it/Or could you?” 


Consequently, WILLOW grieves the loss of her ex and the relationship. She is left nursing a broken heart, coping with the damage from the aftermath. In “WHY?” she sings, “Can’t grieve now, for you, I’m focused/All you gave me was a hole in/My heart, now it’s a scar.” Thus, WILLOW traps herself in isolation, in company with her detrimental thoughts. The overthinking leads to questions about her past relationship. Despite her fear, WILLOW let her guard down for this person and her partner was aware of that. In turn, her ex failed to show up for the singer, and she lacks compassion for WILLOW.

Overall, Coping Mechanism feels like a therapeutic release for WILLOW’s sadness and anger resulting from a toxic lover. It’s an easy listen for whatever mood you’re in. Expending energetic Punk Pop vibes, this project simultaneously puts you in your feels. The listening experience can be one where there’s crying, dancing or both! 

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