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Giveon Leaves His Heart On The Table In “Give Or Take”


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Giveon blessed our ears with the album “Give Or Take” released on June 24th. This project demonstrates his personal growth in songs like “Get To You” singing “Sorry that I’ve been indecisive, loving you on my time is unfair.” He recognizes his faults and apologizes, instead of blaming his partner. In “Make You Mine” he admits he is ready for his partner’s love, and cannot push her away like he has done in the past.

Giveon’s Rise To Popularity

Giveon rose to stardom in 2021 with his smash hit song “Heartbreak Anniversary” originally released in 2020. Giveons baritone voice is recognizable and sets him apart from other artists out right now. His first album “Take Time” featured “Heartbreak Anniversary” as well as hit singles “Like I Want You” and “Favorite Mistake.” On “Favorite Mistake” Giveon addresses his infidelity with a partner and blames her for his mistakes. The connection is magnetic and special therefore, they both don’t want to give up on the relationship. 

Giveons Vulnerability

His vulnerability is refreshing, as we don’t see enough men express their emotions or take ownership of their mistakes. A stand out moment on this project is the piano ballad “Another Heartbreak.” It’s one of those songs that you belt and cry to in the shower. The track tells a relatable story of being exhausted from repeated heartbreaks, and feeling terrified to fall for another person again. The emotional rollercoaster that heartbreak triggers makes it difficult to let one’s guard down and jump into a new relationship.

“Unholy Matrimony”

Giveon sings about another failed relationship on “Unholy Matrimony” the closer of the album. He creates a visual of a wedding that will never happen between him and his lover, due to them falling out of love with one another. In this song he comes to the realization he will never have that fairytale wedding with his partner, and the fantasies he had about their future will never become a reality. He pictured their love to last forever, but it has come to an end, and he has to face another heartbreak.

Conversations Between Giveon and His Mother Throughout Album

He interpolates conversations with his mother throughout the album discussing love and heartbreak. His mother praises Giveon for his success, and gives her son advice on love. He closes this album with a conversation between him and his mother telling her “But, what I did learn is, Love will give you what you need, But also, take what you don’t appreciate.” The album title “Give Or Take” symbolizes that love both can give and take from you. Giveon has learned and grew from his heartbreaks. 

If you choose to listen to this album, I suggest you have a box of tissues and a carton of ice cream. In “Give Or Take” Giveon transforms his pain into heartbreak anthems effortlessly. He touches the listener not only with his vocal range but his heart-wrenching lyrics. 

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