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Peking Duk Feature Slayyyter on “Honest”

Peking Duk is gearing up for a dance-floor hitPeking Duk Via Twitter

One of Australia’s hottest acts is back with another dancefloor-ready track.  Honest featuring internet starlet Slayyyter is out just in time for Australia dance floors to open up.  Peking Duk is the dance music duo consisting of Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles.  Together, the Canberra natives have swept Australian dance floors and clubs with dance-pop tracks full of emotion, euphoria, and plenty of energy.

Now, Peking Duk is enlisting the help of pop maximalist Slayyyter.  The Mine singer is known for her guilty pleasure bubblegum-bass music and Y2K aesthetic.  A favorite in the hyperpop world, Slayyyter usually tilts away from the commercial sounds in today’s pop music.  Because of this, her feature on Peking Duk’s Honest shows a whole different side to the musician’s artistry.

Slayyyter channels Charli XCX

Slayyyter for the "Stupid Boy" music video

Vocally, Slayyyter’s tone on the track is almost exact to the brattiness Charli XCX had in her Sucker era.  The uncanny resemblance even made me double-check the credits.  Regardless, as the topliner for the EDM beat, Slayyyter sounds perfect.  She brings in the catchy pre-chorus of the song with an inflection that transports you to the rave, screaming the lyrics.  See the visualizer here.

Altogether, Peking Duk did not come up with anything unheard of.  However, the song is catchy as hell, and that’s the point.  If the duo were interpreting dance-pop as a genre full of playful hooks and entertaining beat drops, they nailed it.  Sometimes the blueprint is the route to take.  Effortlessly, Peking Duk did that. The track is easy to listen to and definitely danceable.

The SoundCloud to Mainstream Pipeline

Interesting seeing Slayyyter explore the EDM side of herself.  Her addition to Peking Duk’s song isn’t her only endeavor into this genre.  Recently, she released a remix EP of her debut album Troubled Paradise.  Titled Inferno Euphoria the five-song collection features electro-house focused remixes.  Perhaps the sound change is a push to tap into the success of mainstream music.  Sound off in the comments what you think of Peking Duk’s new song, Honest, featuring Slayyyter.

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