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Annie Scherer Is One To Watch With ‘You Like The Blues’

The cover for “You Like The Blues,” the latest single from Nashville indie singer Annie Scherer.

The singer-songwriter genre always proves a difficult space to break into. With so many competing takes on similar sounds, the task of cutting through the noise is more challenging than ever. For her part, Annie Scherer has the bona fides to do so. The Nashville-by-way-of-New-York musician, already having made waves in both markets, just returned with her latest single, “You Like The Blues.” Here’s why we’re so enthralled with the sounds she’s forging ahead with.

Annie Scherer Blends Folk and Post-Punk With “You Like The Blues”

On “You Like The Blues,” her classical training is immediately evident in the opening stages, fluttering piano chords introduced at a bare whisper. For her part, Scherer matches those dynamics once she enters the mix about thirty seconds in, floating in with the titular lyric at the center of this song. The opening is full of charm and sincerity, and the singer’s vocal talent is evident from the moment she punches in.

Though the first half of the song is gorgeous, and plenty head-turning on its own merits, the real eyebrow-raiser comes at the midpoint. Shoegaze guitars crash in noisily, their industrial atmosphere transforming the song from a pure ballad to something harder to get your arms around, but elevated all the same. Especially when matched with the ever-quiet delivery by Scherer shortly after, the tonality goes from Laufey-esque pure to a track with a more haunting, longing atmosphere.

A performance shot of Nashville indie singer Annie Scherer. Taken from @anniescherer on Instagram.
Taken from @anniescherer on Instagram.

As always, our main goal here with Music Daily’s Discoveries is to put artists on your radar whom you may not have come across otherwise. In this case, though, Annie Scherer has already caught the attention of some notable names. The engineers on this track boast an impressive resume of previous collaborators like Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent and Maddie & Tae—safe to say, it’s an impressive cosign that bodes well for where she can take this sound.

You can find You Like The Blues on all streaming platforms, along with the full Annie Scherer backlog.

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