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Orla Gartland Releases “Woman On The Internet” (Anniversary Edition)

Orla Gartland Woman On The Internet Anniversary Edition
Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland commemorates the one year anniversary of the arrival of her debut album with the Woman On The Internet (Anniversary Edition). Orla Gartland is a talented singer-songwriter and producer. Her deeply personal songs detail her journey through self growth, exposing her insecurities and tackling self doubt. The Dublin native released her debut album Woman On The Internet on August 20th of last year. The album consists of the hit single “More Like You,” which gained traction from radio play in 2021. Orla Gartland released the anniversary edition on Wednesday, September 7th of last week.

Woman On The Internet (Anniversary Edition)

Along with a demo of a new track “Afterlife,” the anniversary edition consists of an acoustic version of “More Like You,” live performances of “You’re Not Special Babe” and “Bloodline/Difficult Things” and finally a remix of “Over Your Head”. 

 “Afterlife” Demo

Firstly, the demo of “Afterlife” is a new track from Orla Gartland. The demo maps out a rough draft of a song and is characterized by melancholy lyrics laid over simplistic piano chords. The track is only one minute and 23 seconds long, ending with “​​Oh, thank god/We get one more try/Cause we’re fucking this one up/I guess I’ll see you in the afterlife.” Gartland feels the life she has lived so far has been more of a practice round comprised of countless mistakes. She struggles with all of life’s trials and tribulations. and is therefore relieved she gets another shot in the afterlife. 

“More Like You” acoustic

Secondly, the “More Like You” acoustic simplifies the instruments to a light strum of a guitar adding more of a somber tone than the original. The lyrics feel heavier without the upbeat bass and drums allow for a more emotional experience. 

“You’re Not Special Babe” live performance

Thirdly, Orla Gartland grants us with a live performance of “You’re Not Special Babe” at Middle Farm Studios. She describes the track as a coming-of-age song to remind herself that she is not alone. Everyone is similar in our thoughts, insecurities, routines, and life experiences. Although some lyrics may have a harsh tone, she brightens it up with heavenly synths, guitars and harmonies.

“Bloodline/Difficult Things” live performance

Next, the singer-songwriter gives us a live performance of “Bloodline/Difficult Things” in her birthplace, Dublin. The song talks about her family and growing up. 

“Back to where it all began/Back in Dublin, in the kitchen/Up late talking to my mama”

Towards the middle of the live performance Orla Gartland speaks to the crowd about creating the album. She questioned if we can change the way we are and pondered about how we came to be. 

“Over Your Head SASAMI Remix” 

Lastly, classically-trained composer and multi-instrumentalist SASAMI, remixes the Pop record “Over Your Head”. SASAMI transforms Orla Gartland’s “Over Your Head” into a rock and EDM record adding electric guitars and bass lines. 

Orla Gartland Shares “You’re Not Special, Babe” as the Last Single off Debut Album

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