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dodie’s “Got Weird” Discusses Internalized Biphobia & Lack of Representation

dodie uses her newest single, “Got Weird,” to discuss the repercussions of a lack of LGBTQ+ representation and internalized biphobia.

“Got Weird”

Got Weird” is English singer-songwriter dodie’s latest single. An indie-pop folk artist, dodie’s “Got Weird” drop follows 2021’s release of her first studio album, Build a Problem. The song is about dodie’s conflicted emotions after she kisses a girl on a date.

dodie "got weird"

According to an interview with Dork, dodie describes “Got Weird” as her getting “the ick” with herself whenever she dates girls. “It might be internalised biphobia,” she says in the interview, “it might be from lack of representation growing up.” Whether it’s one, the other, or a combination of both, the song clearly depicts a woman struggling with her romantic feelings for another woman.

With this struggle, the results are awkwardness, hesitation and self-doubt. dodie sings, “No one told me / ‘Course I stumbled / Where’s the reference?” to emphasize the lack of points of references for women dating women.

Check out the official lyric video for “Got Weird” below.


dodie, born Dorothy Miranda Clark, is and English singer, songwriter, producer and author. She gained her following through her YouTube videos. She self-released her first EP, Intertwined, in 2016. Since then, she has made several more EPs and singles, captivating her listeners with her honest, relatable lyrics and her soft, airy vocals.

dodie 2022
Credit: Rosie Alice Foster

The artist has also written an autobiography. Secrets for the Mad: Obsessions, Confessions & Life Lessons came out in November of 2017. Aside from personal stories and lessons, the book also includes lyrics and photos from dodie. Fans who already knew her loved the book, as it gave them a closer look into the struggles she wanted to share. Fans who are only just discovering her also love the book; it gives them a better idea of who she is and how she and her music are connected.

dodie is a woman of many talents. However, “Got Weird” proves that she, too, is still growing and learning who she is as a person and how she should handle certain situations and overcome confusing obstacles.

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