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Diane Warren, G-Eazy and Carlos Santana Unite for “She’s Fire”

Diane Warren is among the music industry’s most well-known songwriters. Her latest collaboration with rap star G-Eazy and music legend Carlos Santana consequently secures that status. As a Grammy winner and two-time Golden Globe winner, Warren is ready to debut her own album. Released on July 13th, “She’s Fire” precedes Diane Warren: The Cave Sessions Vol. 1. The single is a lively, guitar-heavy track with main vocals coming from G-Eazy.

Diane Warren Admires Santana and G-Eazy

Of the track, Warren expressed her respect for Carlos Santana’s musical talents and G-Eazy’s sound. She stated, “To work with Carlos Santana has always been a dream of mine. I’ve also been very much wanting to collaborate with G-Eazy, and this seemed like the perfect song for the two of them to do.” And perfect it is. G-Eazy raps melodically over Santana’s fierce guitar. The chorus features effortless vocals from the rapper as well.  Unsurprisingly, Warren’s experience in songwriting and composing is on full display for “She’s Fire”. It’s an unlikely, yet welcoming collaboration from these talented artists.

Warren released an accompanying lyric video on Youtube.

“She’s Fire” is A Must-Listen

“She’s Fire” is both a smooth yet fierce track. With provocative lyrics from G-Eazy and impressive riffs from Carlos Santana, the collaboration is a must-listen. Warm vocals from G-Eazy compliment Carlos’s bluesy guitar. The unlikely crossover can be enjoyed by fans of any genre. Though the single is mainly pop, it has hints of blues, Latin, rock, and rap sounds. “She’s Fire” is also a display of Warren’s diverse writing and producing abilities. Overall, it’s an essential track for all your summer playlists.

Carlos Santana Displays His Talents

Carlos Santana’s feature on this track is quite special. The Grammy winner is known for his experimental blend of multiple genres with his band, Santana. Consequently, it seems G-Eazy is just as starstruck as us to work with such a legend. He states, “and once I heard Carlos’ iconic guitar, I knew we had something special.” Of course, “She’s Fire” would not be complete without a full-blown solo from the esteemed guitarist.

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