Conan Gray Goes “People Watching”

Conan Gray is back with a new single. In “People Watching,” he talks about craving a relationship like people walking around have.

Conan Reveals His True Feelings on “People Watching”

In previous interviews, Conan has shared that he has never dated anyone in the past. The new song clearly explains how he’s waiting for the right person to come around. “But I wanna feel all that love and еmotion. Be that attached to the person I’m holdin’.   Someday I’ll be falling, without caution. But for now, I’m only people watchin’,” he sings in the chorus.

“‘People Watching’ is for all my fellow lonely people who wonder what it’s like to be deeply in love,” he says. “I’ve never dated anyone in my entire life, so I’ve spent so many years of my life watching perfect couples sit in cafes and share coffee, whispering sweet nothings to each other. I can’t help but fantasize about what it must be like to feel that emotion. There’s nothing I love more than watching them exist in their little world, where seemingly nobody else exists to them. The song’s lyrics are things I’ve eavesdropped off of times I used to spend people watching at the cafe in college. Studying them living their lives lets me live vicariously through them, in a way.”

A Flawless Visual to Represent a Lovely Message

Following up on “Astronomy” and “Overdrive,” Conan Gray unveils another lyrically flawless track. The music video for the up-tempo new ballad offers an ideal representation of the song’s message. While working in a coffee shop, Conan gets lost in his thoughts while looking at people around him. Literally going “People Watching,” he sees that most of the people in the place are in happy relationships, and expresses his desire to have that kind of love someday.

“People Watching” was co-written with Julia Michaels and frequent collaborator Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo). Go give it a listen and let us know how you feel about it!

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