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Introducing Chlöe Bailey’s Debut Album, “In Pieces”

Photo of Chloe Bailey for debut album "In Pieces"

Formerly part of the R&B gospel sister-duo, Chlöe x Halle, Chlöe Bailey has finally released her long-awaited debut album, In Pieces, on March 31st.

“In Pieces” Leaves Fans Feeling Unfulfilled

Despite the popularity that Chlöe Bailey once received alongside her sister, “In Pieces” is an album that falls much shorter than anyone could have possibly expected. Luckily, there are some good factors to the debut album. However, much of it is overshadowed by questionable decisions. From shocking lyric choices, to a lack of display of her vocal range, Chlöe Bailey is receiving a variety of feedback as she steps into stardom as a solo act.

A lot of criticism comes from outside when you’ve set the bar high. I think that’s what’s happening with Chlöe Bailey. She will be judged by what is comparable to her sister-duo. And maybe that’s why “In Pieces” is receiving the backlash. Nonetheless, let’s break down the album some more.

Tracklist for Chloe Bailey's "In Pieces"

Chlöe’s Debut Album, Piece by Piece

“In Pieces” begins with the dramatic, gospel “Someone’s Calling (Chlöe).” Though it is simply an introductory track to the album, I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite parts. It displays range. It sounds ethereal, with a hint of eeriness to it. And it does a good job feeding into the next track, “Pray It Away.” In this song, there’s enough angst for Chlöe to create a relatability with fans about being wronged by a man and growing resentful. Many of the complaints remain with fans vying for a look into Chlöe Bailey’s identity as a solo act. And songs like “Pray It Away” give them a glimpse into the R&B artist, if only for a moment.

Moving on, other standout tracks on In Pieces include “Feel Me Cry” and collaborative tracks “Told Ya”(with Missy Elliott), “Cheatback” (featuring Future), and “How Does it Feel” (with Chris Brown). “Feel Me Cry” is what I believe closely demonstrates the essence of Chlöe Bailey. She is an artist with one hell of a voice. This song does her the justice of displaying her artistry in a more authentic way than some of the other tracks on the album.

Chlöe made the choice to collaborate with big names. Missy Elliott, Future, and Chris Brown have been perceived to be cop-outs to bring attention to her album. Especially her choice to work with Chris Brown. After all, there is a bit of an irony to sing about how men have wronged you only to work alongside a known abuser in the industry. Nonetheless, it does feel that all of her collaborations detract from her album more than add to it. Even when they’re icons like Missy Elliott.

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