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6LACK Retires The Player Lifestyle In “Since I Have A Lover”

Since I Have A Lover By 6LACK
Since I Have A Lover Album Cover.

6lack Is Back After Five Years

Atlanta native singer and rapper 6LACK pronounced “black” releases his first full-length LP in five years, Since I Have A Lover. He put himself on the map with a unique lo-fi R&B and hip-hop sound. 6LACK’s biggest solo hit records to date include “PRBLEMS” and “Ex Calling” which were introduced through his highly acclaimed debut album, FREE 6LACK. He followed up with his sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter in 2018 and it became a major success. But his third album Since I Have A Lover would not be released for another five years.  

Since I Have A Lover dropped on Friday March 24 and includes 19 tracks with features by Don Toliver, Wale and QUIN. A 19-track project by the way, is a risky decision for most artists, since the streaming era has made it difficult for listeners to digest long albums. Unfortunately this album becomes bland as he losing momentum and inspiration halfway through. The tracks lack individuality due to similarities in 6LACK’s beat choices. 

“Since I Have A Lover” Songwriting & Production

On a positive note the production in Since I Have A Lover is an improvement from past releases. Kick drums and peaceful guitar strums make the title track feel like your coasting in a convertible during in the summertime. But as the production becomes snoozy and repetitive, his one-dimensional monotone voice is not able to save the tracks.

Although, the half ass songwriting is some of his weakest. “Never let your mouth get that diarrhea / I see you motherfucker and I wouldn’t wanna be you,” 6LACK sings in “Talkback.” Another example is the tasteless reference to the viral toxic relationship between internet personalities Chrisean Rock and Blueface. “Try but you can’t cheat, no, fake, but you can’t sneak, no / Presidential, still can’t take the money when I’m gone / But I’m Chrisean, I can’t leave the blue face alone.” 

Meanwhile, the songs have solid topics while the storytelling and structure tend to fall flat. In contrast to his previous work where he sings tunes about heartbreak, being toxic and sex-driven, Since I Have A Lover explores new romance. Even more, we see his progression as he undergoes character development and self reflection. Seemingly, 6LACK has tucked away his player ways, putting a lock on his heart in “Inwood Hill Park.” The track reveals 6LACK sees marriage in the near future. “I been thinkin’ ’bout gettin’ on one knee / Turn a solo to a feat and make your heart skip a beat / Can’t you see that I’ve been hostile for weeks? / Don’t you know you change the patterns of my sleep?” 

Playboy Turned Lover Boy

It’s clear 6LACK is deeply infatuated with someone, riding the highs of being in love. On the title track he sings:

“Since I have a lover, no more lonely nights / The type of love that you supply, can’t televise / Don’t need advice, plus you my vice, like what I like / You light my fire, you get me high, reach a new height.”

Besides, he writes about self reflection and accountability on tracks like “Tit For Tat,” “preach” and “Stories In Motion.” “I got a temper I’m tryna suppress / I got a ego like everyone else,” he sings in “Tit For Tat.” His toxic behavior in relationships may be a result of his tough upbringing, which he touches the surface of in this project as well as emotional turbulence. This side of him feels refreshing, but his cocky side we are familiar with still comes to the forefront.  

Overall, Since I Have A Lover tells a love story from the point of view of a former playboy. But ultimately it is unsuccessful in translating the feelings and emotions he experiences to the listener. Sonically it reaches what feels like a never-ending low tide at the beach anticipating the next wave. 

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