FLO Recruits OG “Fly Girl” Missy Elliot For New Single

Trailblazing UK trio FLO interpolate and recruit rap megastar Missy Elliot for the ultimate girl power chant, “Fly Girl.” Renée Downer, Stella Quaresma, and Jorja Douglas famously known as FLO released their debut single one year ago in March 2022. And they are already making waves in the R&B scene. The new single “Fly Girl” marks FLO’s first single of 2023 which will feature on their highly-anticipated debut album.  

Trailblazing UK trio FLO interpolate and collaborate with rap megastar Missy Elliot for the ultimate girl power chant “Fly Girl.”
FLO. @flolikethis Via Twitter.

“Fly Girl”

The girl group first hinted at new music to their 99.4k Twitter followers with a tweet reading “FLY GIRL 💅🏽” on March 13. FLO’s fanbase known as the (FLOLIFERS) quickly flooded the tweet with comments feening for the new track. 

Further, “Fly Girl” meshes old school with modern R&B and pays homage to the hip-hop legend. The world of R&B and hip-hop unite seamlessly as Missy Elliot knows her way around different genres and beats. The track is lively and bouncy with creamy vocals. Even more, FLO interpolates lyrics from Elliot’s 2002 hit “Work It.” In the second verse the influential rapper writes, “If you a fly gal, get your nails done,” Get a pedicure, get your hair did.” On the other hand FLO sings in the “Fly Girl” chorus: “If you’re a fly girl, get your nails done / Get a pedicure, get your hair did.”

FLO Puts Their Own Spin On “Work It”

Although the songs differ in meaning, both are badass in their own right. In “Work It,” Missy displays a dominant side in her flagrant raps about sex. She scouts out a man to have sex with then savagely wishes him farewell. In contrast, “Fly Girl” oozes confidence as well encouraging independence and self love. FLO doesn’t need a man to validate them, and they value friendship over relationships. “I got plans tonight, you ain’t part of them / ‘Cause my girls and I, yeah, we all a ten (Yeah) / No, it’s ladies night, shout to all of ’em (Uh) / Put your arms up in the sky (Put your) if you a fly girl,” Stella sings in the pre chorus. 

Since their newfound fame, men have been drooling over FLO’s impeccable beauty and talent. Though FLO has a pool of options, the trio knows their worth and refuse to settle for less in relationships.

“You’re gonna have to try a little harder / It takes a real one to hold me down down down.”

“When this song was written we couldn’t have imagined a more iconic collaboration, and we want to take a moment to thank @MissyElliott and her entire team for making this a dream come true.” (@flolikethis Via Twitter)

Notably, Missy Elliot’s verse is a full circle moment referencing her “Work It” lyrics. “Don’t I still look like Halle Berry in the face?” she raps. In fact, Halle Berry responded to Elliot in a tweet:

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