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Cavetown Advises beabadoobee to “Fall In Love With A Girl”

English singer-songwriter Cavetown recruited fellow Filipino-British artist beabadoobee for a new single, “Fall In Love With A Girl.”

“Fall In Love With A Girl” is a Queer Anthem

The new thrilling collab marks the first collaboration between the pair, and it sounds wonderful. Both artists are known for their soft, dreamy vocals; so combining their voices into one song definitely made for a gentle mix. “Fall In Love With A Girl” is a queer anthem that encourages women to not be afraid to show the world who they really are, and be strong. 

After coming up with the concept, Robin Skinner – better known as Cavetown – invited beabadoobee and guitarist Jacob Bugden to meet up in London to finish writing and producing the track.

“‘Fall in Love With a Girl’ is about someone who’s struggling with their sexuality and how that affects their happiness,” Cavetown shares. “This person is scared to take the leap to make themselves happy; and tries to make things work in a hetero relationship. When they finally take the step to be in a same-sex relationship; they realize how happy it makes them and that it’s okay to trust yourself.”

And the song certainly achieves the point it tries to make. Cavetown wrote the song entirely by himself, and he made the right call by inviting beabadoobee to join him in the vocals. “That boy, let him go. Lights are on, but no one’s home. Enough’s enough, find your pearl. And fall in love with a girl,” he sings in the chorus.

Cavetown is Going on Tour This Month!

The new song arrives just as Cavetown is about to hit the road on a headlining tour across the United States. The tour kicks off on March 22 in Buffalo, NY, and will stop at multiple cities like Baltimore, Dallas, Tempe, Seattle, and Detroit before coming to an end on April 30 in Pittsburgh, PA. Tessa Violet and Addison Grace will join him as supporting acts. More information, all dates, and tickets are available here.


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