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Euphoria Soundtrack: “I’m Tired” With Labrinth and Zendaya

HBO Max’s hit drama Euphoria is a phenomenon like no other.  The series featuring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie, and many others just wrapped up its second season.  The final episode left many questions and plenty of room to speculate on what the third season will bring.  The amazing acting, star-studded cast, and exceptional visuals have long kept the audience excited for each new episode.  Adding to the hype are the amazing song selections and original Labrinth scores throughout each scene.  The latest original release, “I’m Tired” comes after the February 27th season finale.

Euphoria continues with its release of original tracksZendaya and Labrinth in "Euphoria"

The Labrinth-produced single first appeared on the fourth episode of the series.  In that episode, we saw the Euphoria collaborator appear for the first time on the show.  The singer performs the song in a church as a prelude for what’s to come for Zendaya’s character Rue.  Now, with its release to streaming platforms, we hear vocals from Zendaya herself.  Additionally, this version is seen in the end credits of the finale.  Labrinth, when speaking to IndieWire says, “I knew what Rue was going through. Being in a church, it felt spiritual.”  He continues by saying, “Zendaya was crying. I was crying. We had Hunter [Schafer] and Dom[inic Fike] and everyone could feel the vibe there was different.”

Indeed, the song is a somber one.  In it, Labrinth sings, “Now the tide is rolling in/I don’t wanna win/Let it take me, let it take me/I’ll be on my way.” with Zendaya faintly following in the background.  Further, the heavy gospel vocals within the bridge add a heavy drama to the song.  In all, it creates a very overwhelmingly sad track with the two performing it with compelling emotion.

“I’m Tired” follows a series of original tracks from Euphoria.  In addition to it, original tracks by Lana Del Rey, ericdoa, and Dominik Fike’s “Elliot’s Song” play throughout the season.

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