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Jenna Doe is Shameless on “Shapeshift”

TikTok sensation Jenna Doe has released “Shapeshift,” a yearning pop single about unrequited love. The young singer-songwriter establishes herself as a dynamic talent. Here at Music Daily, we think she’ll be your new favorite artist.

Jenna Doe is a Swiftie

Jenna Doe gained a fanbase on TikTok by posting original song snippets, relatable Taylor Swift videos, and remixing “The Way I Loved You.” It’s no surprise her songwriting is phenomenal, she’s a Swiftie! Ms. Doe openly expresses her sexuality in her music, which makes it all the more empowering. Watch her “The Way I Loved You” remix here!

“Pink Slips” Is A Hit

Jenna released “Pink Slips,” a lively summer single, in July. Fans absolutely raved over the track, prompting her to release an acoustic version on December 1st, 2021. Between these releases, Jenna Doe continued to remix love songs on TikTok and gain even more fans.

“Shapeshift” is Her Best Track Yet

“Shapeshift” dropped on January 26, 2022. Jenna, who now boasts over 90,000 followers on TikTok, teased the track for months. The track is her most vulnerable yet, as she sings of unrequited love and being desperate for their attention. She sings, “I would do anything if you want me to / Yeah, I’d shapeshift paint me red when I am blue / And I’m shameless cause I’d do anything you ask me to / Yeah, I’d shapeshift for you”. 

A Must Listen

Not only are her lyrics achingly beautiful, Jenna Doe’s voice is just as captivating. She flaunts her silky, powerful vocals over a guitar-laden melody. “Shapeshift” is truly a must-listen. Just as Jenna Doe iterates in her TikToks, if you listen to pop giants like Olivia Rodrigo or Taylor Swift, you’ll love her music too.

Here at Music Daily, we pride ourselves on helping you discover the best new artists. Jenna Doe, a generational talent, is surely one to keep an eye on. We can only hope that she’ll be remixing more tracks and releasing more of her own songs soon!

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