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BTS Host ‘Proof’ Live Event Online + #MyBTStory

BTS will hosted a live event to celebrate the release of their anthology album, Proof. They are also hosting #MyBTStory, a new YouTube challenge.

‘Proof’ of BTS

BTS are among the hugest global stars. Their influence and power have been extremely impactful. Their new anthology album, Proof, has just been released, and fans are already emotional over being taken down memory lane.

bts proof concept photo
BTS Concept Photo: Courtesy of BIGHIT Music

The 3-CD, 48-track album has ARMY, BTS’ fanbase, buzzing with excitement. Though listeners have put the anthology on loop for the nostalgia, they are also gushing about the exclusive, CD-only tracks. BTS fans may be enjoying the classics like “I NEED U” and “Spring Day,” or the new, exclusive tracks like “DNA (j-hope Demo Ver.)” and “Quotation Mark.”

BTS hosted a Proof live event online to commemorate the release of their album, as well as the group’s ninth anniversary since their debut. The Proof live event streamed June 13th on the Kpop idols’ official YouTube channel, BANGTANTV. According to the release poster, the boys will be joined by a special guest at the live event, and ARMY has been making their guesses as to who it might be. Check out BTS’ official Proof live event announcement below.


Aside from releasing their long-awaited anthology, BTS also recently announced their challenge #MyBTStory. They have partnered with YouTube for the challenge, so #MyBTStory will be exclusively held on YouTube Shorts. The challenge started June 10th and lasts until July 9th.

According to Broadway World’s Michael Major, the YouTube challenge is to celebrate the group’s release of Proof. BTS announced the challenge to ARMY in a letter, in which they also expressed their love and appreciation of ARMY’s steadfast support over the past nine years. In the letter, BTS asks fans to share their favorite memories with them using the hashtag #MyBTStory. Read their letter on Twitter below.

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