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Black Birdie’s Experimental Artistry

Black Birdie is Music Daily’s next MD Discovery, and for good reason. An unnerving twist on the alternative genre, Black Birdie combines haunting vocals with potent lyrics. Self-produced, composed and written, Black Birdie’s entire discography is worth a listen.

First Single of 2022

“Fiction” was Birdie’s first single of 2022, and leads with a certain poignancy not easily replicated. A nursery rhyme-esque melody accompanies the most wistful vocals. The young artist croons of a fictional love, reaching a powerful peak as the music cuts out. “Fiction” is a hard-hitting view of the unreliable narrator, as Black Birdie sings, “There’s a twist to this story / I don’t have a prince and I don’t live in glory.” Of course, such a tragically beautiful song is worth a listen. Consequently, it sets up the rest of the artist’s discography for major success.

Black Birdie & True Artistry

Released on April 1st, 2022, “Get over It” is a chilling, piano- laden breakup song. With lyrics such as, “I’m not supposed to love nobody / But someday I hope to find somebody / To love me endlessly”, it’s easy to see why we’ve picked Black Birdie as an MD Discovery. True artistry arises when the value of the song is in its lessons, not just in its beat or vocals. Certainly, “Get over It” is the perfect example of sophisticated grace.

Versatile on “Rated R”

“Rated R”, accurately named, is a sultry, intoxicating single. Perhaps the greatest example of Black Birdie’s powerhouse vocals, the three minute track is fascinating. Unique falsettos float atop a r&b-alternative beat. Similarly, Birdie’s incredible writing shines, with lyrics like, “You’re breathing, you’re surviving / Now, it’s time you drowned / You’ve taken from / My heart you left to bleed”. “Rated R” is different from alt singer’s other 2022 singles, but that’s a good thing. In other words, the young artist shows us versatility and style.

More to Come from Black Birdie

Black Birdie’s next single, “Body”  dropped on June 9th. Thankfully, you can listen to the entire discography here. Remember to check back here frequently for new music and to discover your next favorite artist!

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